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JmGO Release New Tri-Color Laser TV U2S, Great Vision Experience

The main features of JmGO U2S: Item JmGO U2S Resolution 4K DMD Chip 0.47″ Laser Source Tri-Color…

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The World Cup, Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching, and the laser TV of famous brands has been promoted, including Samsung, LG, Wemax, Hisense, etc

More choice, please read the following buyer’s guide: Best 4K Laser TV Ultra Short Throw Projector Buyer’s…

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Hisense Vidda Releases Low-Price Z100 100″ TV, Will It Greatly Impact the Laser TV Market?

On October 25, it was reported that Vidda launched a 100 inch IMAX cinema giant screen TV,…

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BenQ Released Two 4LED Projectors X3000i and X1300i, Which Further Improved the Color. Can They Replace Laser TV?

With the emergence of intelligent projectors and new categories of laser TV, traditional projectors are moving towards…

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Great News, the Most Popular 4K Laser TV WEMAX Nova has Reduced its Price by 30%!

Just a few days ago, we selected two of the most popular laser TVs for comparison. Their…

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The First Laser TV Cine 1 Launched by Leica was Unveiled at IFA 2022

On September 2, 2022, IFA, the largest consumer electronics exhibition in Europe, was restarted in Germany after…

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Create a High-End Home Theater, Epson Release New Smart Laser TV EH-LS800

In recent years, family movie watching has entered the era of large screen, and smart laser TV…

Rising and Falling Curly Screen Laser TV 1
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Rising and Falling Curly Screen Laser TV, the Ultimate Product to be Expected, was First Released by Hisense

On September 16, 2021, Hisense released the world’s first curly screen laser TV. We experienced this product…

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Which is the best choice UST ALR floor rising screen for UST laser projector?VIVIDSTORM VS XY Screen Competition

If you have chosen or heard about the latest version of the “Ultra Short Throw Laser projector”…

Dell-S718QL-4K Laser TV 4
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Dell S718QL, the First High Brightness 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Delay to Oct 23

DELL recently launched its high-end 4K laser projector S718QL, support for native 4K resolution and HDR, which…

Mijia Laser TV 5
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Mijia LaserTV, A Super Bomb Detonated on the Laser TV Market

Xiaomi, one of the high-tech companies in China, as the industry’s best cost-effective products which released, every…

benq laser projector i950L and i955L 8
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BenQ Releases New Ultra Short throw Laser TV i950L/i955L, Created New Home Cinema Center

Laser TV has been called the “fourth generation TV” by the television industry, and its emergence will…