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Hisense Released the World’s First 70 inch Curly Screen Laser TV in CES 2020

Every year, Hisense will bring new laser TV technology and new products in CES, and every year, they try to release some innovative products to meet the industry’s more expectations for laser TV.

Since 2014, Hisense has made every effort to upgrade the new laser TV products in CES every year. The technology of singlecolor, bicolor and tricolor has been upgraded and optimized in color, and the resolution has also been evolved from 1080p to 4K. Even in terms of size, Hisense is also the first to explore the size of laser TV. After the first 80 inches, Hisense began to further explore to 75 inches last year.

After “upgrading and iterating” in terms of image quality, size and other dimensions, Hisense fixed the “direction” of optimization and innovation of laser TV on the change of product form.

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EPSON Launches the World’s First 3LCD 4K Laser TV LS500

For a long time, in the field of vision, EPSON has always been committed to connecting the virtual world and the real world through lifelike picture transmission, breaking through the boundaries of space, life style, light and shadow, art and even imagination, bringing the boundless imaginary world into reality and creating boundless colorful life In order to achieve this goal, EPSON has been constantly carrying out technological innovation and constantly bringing products and solutions beyond imagination to users.

On October 29, EPSON released the latest 4K PRO-UHD technology, and brought new 4K PRO-UHD laser TV – LS500, 4K PRO-UHD living room cinema- CH-TW7000, intelligent projector (EF-100) and other household visual products and solutions, so as to bring more real and colorful viewing experience to users by virtue of super large screen and extreme picture quality, so that family users can have their own immersive visual experience.

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BenQ Launched DCI-P3 Color Gamut 4K Laser TV i965L

On October 29 2019, BenQ held a new 4K laser TV conference in Suzhou, unveiling the mystery of i960L/i965L, a 4K laser TV with DCI-P3 wide color gamut.

The new 4K laser TV i965L not only gives people a low-key and luxurious visual impression, but also harmoniously integrates into the modern home living space. It also helps users perfectly solve their daily pain points through the ingenious details such as the elegant opening and closing of the electric sliding door, the concave side of the geometric slope, the hidden positioning structure ruler, etc. The craftsmen of BenQ color technology lab have given two new products DCI-P3 super wide color gamut coverage ability and better image enhancement technology, striving to perfectly present the real color of movie level.

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Optoma launch 4K Laser TV P1 with Modern Design and HiFI Audio Effort

Optoma will hold a new product launch in 2019 on May 20, when it will launch a new 4K laser TV P1. The latest appearance of P1 was at last month’s SIAV exhibition in Shanghai. It will be ready at at October 1, 2019.

Optoma launch 4K New Laser TV P1
Optoma 4K laser tv P1

Optoma means that this is a very important new product, is the change of Optoma. Now let’s look at the fineness of this product.

New Modern Housing Design

From last month’s exhibition appearance and today’s official photos, Optoma has carried out a “radical” transformation of the appearance design of laser TV. The P1 laser TV body is more “flat”, which makes the whole machine look more chic. The front of the fuselage is a bionic mask, which adds a strong home atmosphere to P1. In addition, the mask should also enhance the sound effect of the machine.

The mask on the front of the fuselage adds a strong household flavor

Unlike the traditional square shape of laser TV, the shape of Optoma laser TV P1 is more unique, and the whole machine looks more lively. This kind of shape is very in line with the aesthetics of young people nowadays. The main tone of the machine is noble black, and the buttons, logo and bottom pads are golden. This combination of black and gold makes the product more noble, which will instantly show the master’s style in the living room.

The power button is made of noble gold
Fuselage side

Optoma uses the concept of home appliances to optimize P1 products, which makes the appearance of laser TV “very different”. After many designs and final drafts, I believe that the appearance of laser TV P1 will break through the “silly big black” of traditional projectors. The product is smaller, the appearance design is more exquisite, and other family equipment can be better integrated.

More Surprises besides the Housing Desing

In addition to the innovative design, Optoma P1 laser TV has more surprises. P1 has 4K ultra-high definition resolution, at the same time with HDR function, the quality of the picture is clear and delicate. The product is also more colorful, color gamut closer to the DCI-P3 standard, very suitable for home screen viewing.

P1 has HiFI Audio System

As a veteran projector manufacturer, Optoma has a deep technical accumulation in the film industry. P1 laser TV will also have pure dynamic detection and dynamic smoothness interpolation technology, which can improve the image smoothness and make the picture more smooth when watching action movies and sports competitions. In addition, it also carries Android Intelligent System, which is rich in film and television resources.

Optoma has always had a good reputation in the field of home projectors. In the field of laser TV, Optoma has also been one of the first batch of brands to enter the market. Optoma has launched many classic laser televisions, among which LCT110 is a classic. Its color is stunning, and the brightness of the screen is strong. It has won the unanimous approval of users.

The day of new product launch is approaching. Friends who didn’t see it at the SIAV exhibition in Shanghai must be full of expectations. Never mind, the answer will be announced on May 20. Optoma will officially release the laser TV P1. By then, its performance and price will be all revealed. Let’s look forward to the moment when Optoma laser TV P1 comes out.

By now, Optoma has more choices for Laser TV, which is hot sale in

Optoma ZW300UST WXGA 3200 Lumens 3D DLP Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

More Laser TV Buy guide, please read the following Buyer’s Guide:

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XiaoMI Release 4K Laser TV, Leading the 4K Era

On January 14 2019, XiaoMI launched the 4K version of Mijia Laser Projection Television, which has the same projection ratio of 0.233:1 as the previous version, and can project 100-inch huge picture in only 50 cm distance.

1500 ANSI Lumen Picture Brightness, with MIUI TV system, a large number of film sources, easy to operate, but also through the built-in AI voice system to control playback and even operate other Mijia smart devices in the home. Mijia Laser Projection Television 4K, as its name implies, has been upgraded to 4K resolution, reflecting more delicate picture details in the huge picture, and further improving the performance-price ratio with similar price level.

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Appotronics Launch Their First Smart Laser Projector C700

The famous laser projector brand Appotronics launch their first smart laser projector C700 in Jan,2019. Depend on Appotronics hot sale laser TV system, the laser projector C700 has the similar features. Appotronics is a hidden champion in laser projection era:

Appotronics Smart Laser Projector C700
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Hisense Launched Tri-Color Laser TV in CES 2019, with Amazing Picture Quality

Among all display technologies, tri-color laser TV can reproduce the rich colors of the objective world most truly. Las Vegas, USA, on Jan. 8, the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) officially opened. The popularity of Hisense Pavilion and Tri-color Laser TV 100 inch L9 became the focus of the exhibition. The product removes the phosphor wheel, RGB tricolor completely depends on three colors of laser emission, can accurately display various tones, so that the picture presents an unprecedented lifelike, can be called the top quality experience.

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Dell S718QL, the First High Brightness 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Delay to Oct 23

DELL recently launched its high-end 4K laser projector S718QL, support for native 4K resolution and HDR, which also claims to be the world’s first high brightness 4K ultra high definition ultra short focus laser projector. As plan it will comes out on July 19 and will run you $6000 when it hits. But now it lunched with more attractive discount price at, don’t lose the good chance.

This high-end 4K UHD imaging laser projector can project from walls 4 feet distance to 100 inch screen, at a distance of 9 inches, it can create 130 inch (diagonal measurement) the maximum possible image. It is an amazing 4K Laser TV.  And gives the design of the equipment, even in a compact room can also use S718QL to give the audience a big space.

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Mijia LaserTV, A Super Bomb Detonated on the Laser TV Market

Xiaomi, one of the high-tech companies in China, as the industry’s best cost-effective products which released, every new product release will cause a reign of terror. The most typical example is Xiaomi released a robot vacuum, quickly replaced the existing Chinese robot vacuum brand, to become the first sales brand; Just launched the  No. 9 self balancing scooter less than half a year, sales have exceeded one million. This time, Xiaomi brings the latest laser TV Mijia Laser TV, will detonate the market size of the next billion.

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BenQ Releases New Ultra Short throw Laser TV i950L/i955L, Created New Home Cinema Center

Laser TV has been called the “fourth generation TV” by the television industry, and its emergence will bring about a revolution in the history of television. But what kind of laser TV is the product that meets the demand of the living room and the family cinema? With this thinking, more than 20 years in projection industry, BenQ, in April 26th officially launched its two ultra short throw laser TV, i950L and i955L. Their arrival will bring “Great Beauty Life” to home theater users!

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