Hisense Laser TV 100L6H is on the Market with the World Cup

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2022)

With its unique advantages of immersion and eye protection, Hisense is leading the trend of high-end TV consumption with a laser TV that brings a super large screen audio-visual experience.

To watch the World Cup, of course, you should use a large screen TV. The viewing distance of the 100L6H’s 100 inch large screen is only 3~3.5 meters. Sitting on the living room sofa, you can enjoy the super cinema level IMAX audio and video experience. You can watch the World Cup, enjoy the immersive experience of watching the game, capture every wonderful action of the stars, and feel full of immersion.

Hisense Laser TV 100L6H

Watching the World Cup, the biggest problem may be staying up late for a long time to watch the ball, and your eyes will feel sour and tired. The Hisense Laser TV 100L6H is equipped with a Fresnel passive bionic screen, which is imaged in a diffuse reflection mode. It is similar to the way and brightness that human eyes view natural things, so it will not bring pressure on human eyes and will not feel tired when watching the screen for a long time. In addition, the Fresnel passive bionic screen itself is not powered or luminous, and 0 harmful blue light will not generate electromagnetic radiation at the same time, so 0 radiation is more healthy.

The picture quality of Hisense Laser TV 100L6H has also reached the level of super cinema. Thanks to Hisense’s self-developed LPU digital laser engine and the newly upgraded lens configuration, small aperture and large aperture are realized, and the utilization rate of light is comprehensively improved. While reducing stray light, the contrast of laser TV is increased by three times, reaching the high contrast of 3500:1 super cinema standard. The picture color gamut reaches BT.709 116%, surpassing the professional cinema standard.

Hisense Laser TV 100L6H

The sound quality of Hisense Laser TV 100L6H has also reached the cinema level. It is equipped with a professional audio brand “Magic Sound” pure wooden box independent subwoofer as standard. It has a 7L large sound chamber, and the sound power can reach 40W. The bass can dive to 40Hz. Whether watching movies or listening to music, the sound is more surging and shocking, and the bass is mellow and powerful. With the help of DTS V-X technology, the 100L6H can fully release the potential of bass. The shouting of fans on the court, the whistling of referees, the explosive scenes of various war blockbusters when watching movies, and the original sound music of epic blockbusters can be vividly displayed in real detail.

The video and audio entertainment brought by the super large screen TV is an experience that can’t be returned after experience. As a large screen audio and video solution for family living room, Hisense Laser TV realizes visual immersion of large screen even in small living room.

Main features of Hisense 100L6H:

Hisense 100L6HReview
Resolution4K + HDRGood
Throw Ratio0.25:1
Brightness300~500 nitsGood
Color Gamut116% BT.709
Contrast ratio3500:1Great
Sound System2 x 15W, with optional Subwoofer, DtsXGreat
Memory3G + 128GGood
Power 350WSave Power
Connection InterfaceWIFI and Bluetooth. HDMI x 3, Optical, USB 2.0 x 2.Good
Hisense 100L6H Main Features

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