JmGo Laser TV S1

JmGO Laser TV S1, the Lated Laser Home Theater Review

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

In April 29, 2016, JmGO, a technology company from China, dropped a bomb in the world. JmGO conference in Beijing launched two high-profile new products: JmGO S1 laser TV and 1080P smart theater X1, design inspiration from the lotus and fish, product performance and appearance thrown several streets of similar products.

JmGo S1 1

S1 laser TV, known as a collection of top hardware configuration is the first laser light source micro cast, using the projection reflex principle, achieve 300 inches Full HD screen projection, high brightness, ultra-short focal projection, off-axis lens, new industrial design and high performance configuration and the brightness is up to 4000ANSI, real sense subversion the TV.

Let’s take a quick look at the main features of JmGo S1.

Laser Light Source, the Major Innovation of Projection Technology

Light source is the projection of the life.
From the high pressure mercury lamp, halogen lamp, xenon lamp, LED, laser…… The history of the development of projection is the history of the evolution of the light source.
JmGO S1, brand’s first laser light source projection, let the home theater into the laser era. The life of light source will be upto 30000 hours.

Laser TV 1

Higher Brightness, More Details, Better Color

Using laser light , brightness up to 4000ANSI lumens, is 6 times than the normal projector.

JmGo S1 6
1080P physical resolution, the same area under the projection can see more details of the picture. Laser has wide color gamut, high contrast characteristics, so that the color performance of JmGO Pro S1 is more excellent… All this is true and vivid, it is obvious.
* Common household and office LED projection, brightness is about 500-600ANSI lumens.

Design:  Integration of Traditional Culture and Scientific

From the first JmGO products, they adhere to the Chinese traditional culture elements, into the innovative product design.
This time, they give the JmGO Pro S1 full of humanistic meaning of the “Double Fish” shape. At the same time, through the internal optics, the precise layout of the acoustic system, they make the JmGO Pro S1 once again vivid interpretation the beauty of the symmetry .

HiFi Grade Sound, Authentic Good Sound

For a home theater products, it is quite importance of sound.
In JmGO S1 Pro fuselage built-in two groups of symmetrical high bass loudspeaker unit, and draw four liters of volume of the enclosed sound cavity, by up to half a year’s professional debugging, achieve the bright, plump, treble Alto bass sound effect, accurate reduction of each sound signal.

JmGo S1 7

Upto 300 Inch Projection Screen, Magnificent Majestic

JmGO Pro S1 using reflective ultra short focal projection technology, picture projection ratio reached 0.25:1. A distance of 1.7 meters, the projection screen will reach an astonishing 300 inches.

JmGo S1 8
Standing in front of the huge projection screen, you will be it’s magnificent beautiful deeply shocked.

50-300 inch projection size to allow you to master:

Distance of 0.3 meters 54 inches

Distance of 0.5 meters 90 inches

Distance of 0.8 meters 144 inches

Distance of 1 meter 180 inches

Distance of 1.7 meters 307 inches

Smart Eye Protection, to Ensure Safe Use

In order to prevent the potential damage caused by the laser, they also installed three sets of intelligent eye protection sensors for the JmGO Pro S1. As long as there are people or objects close to the sensor will be automatically turned on, the brightness of the projection will be dark, so as to ensure that you and your family use safety.

JmGo S1 9

Rich and Powerful Interface

USB 3.0 and  HDMI 2.0, high speed transmission.
Advanced HDMI 2 technology, bandwidth up to 18Gbps, transmission 4K video zero delay. USB 3 interface,
transmission speed up to 625MB per second, is 10 times the standard 2. Whether it is the transmission of high-definition signals,
Or read U disk, mobile hard disk, JmGO S1 Pro has no problem .

JmGo S1 10

In addition to HDMI and USB, JmGO Pro S1 also configured with a number of practical interface:
AV in audio and video signals of other devices. RJ-45 Ethernet interface allows you to direct network cable. S/PDIF  Out is used to output high-quality digital audio. With TV TUNER tuner, you can put the TV signal direct transfer to JmGO Pro S1. Rich extension of the interface, so that JmGO Pro S1  become the full function of home audio and video entertainment center.

Summary:  JmGO Laser Home Theater is a powerful Laser TV. More information at

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