SAMSUNG 120” The Premiere Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Smart Single Laser Projector for Home Theater LSP7T

Samsung is Not Only Be Powerful on Mobile Phone and TV Screen, But Also Strong at Laser TV. Samsung LSP7T Review

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2022)

In this era, almost 7 out of 10 mobile phones use Samsung OLED screens, and even many flagship mobile phones have made Samsung OLED screens standard. It is conceivable how powerful Samsung’s technical strength is in screen display. But Samsung is not only powerful at mobile phone screen, but also has excellent products in the TV field. But today, instead of talking about the traditional LCD TV, let’s experience Samsung’s laser TV – Samsung LSP7T.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

Combination of design and practicality, full of humanization

In fact, the appearance design of a household laser TV is naturally more important. Samsung LSP7T has adopted a pure white color scheme in order to avoid being obtrusive in various decoration styles. At the same time, the appearance design of the whole machine is not pompous, and the design embellishment of fabric materials is specially used at the front panel, which is simple and not monotonous. In addition, the interior of the fabric material is a 2.2 channel loudspeaker system with 30W power hidden. Thanks to the forward opening design, it can also get a better sound quality experience in daily experience.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

In addition, the casing of Samsung LSP7T is made of polycarbonate materials that are more convenient for daily care, plus piano baking technology. The combination of the above makes the Samsung LSP7T machine have a different elegance in visual perception. Perhaps this is the experience that is too fancy to bring.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

As for the interface of the whole machine, Samsung LSP7T is placed on the back of the machine body. Whether you use a traditional cable TV signal source, or plan to use an external set-top box, a computer host, or even other devices, Samsung LSP7T provides a very rich interface.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

Strong hardware brings excellent experience

For a laser TV, the display effect is crucial for both commercial and household use. As an international display factory, Samsung also has a leading position in the application of laser TV technology. When many laser TVs still use resin lenses, Samsung LSP7T has already been equipped with all glass lens sets with higher light transmittance as standard. In terms of visual perception, the display effect of all glass mirror group is greatly improved.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

At the same time, thanks to the zoom technology, Samsung LSP7T is also equipped with Fresnel screens in 100 inch and 120 inch sizes, which can be purchased according to their own use needs. Of course, in order to ensure that the design style of the home space is consistent, direct projection on the white wall is also possible. For friends who have used traditional LCD TVs for many years, they may always think that using a TV with a large display area at home will cause discomfort. In fact, this only occurs on traditional LCD TVs. When using laser TV to watch movies, its stronger immersion experience will make the dazzling feeling brought by the traditional super large LCD TV disappear. Even watching a 2-hour long movie can be comfortable.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

In fact, for the characteristics of laser TV, the projected area can be infinite on the basis of the theoretical light brightness is not attenuated. But it is impossible in actual use. If you need a projection area of about 150 inches, I think Samsung LSP7T can do it with its strength. However, from the current perspective, if I follow the officially recommended size, I will naturally choose the largest 120 inch display experience.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

But for this kind of high-performance laser TV, the heat is naturally not negligible. In order to make the whole machine run efficiently and stably for a long time, Samsung LSP7T has fish scale like fins on the side and back.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

Super quality experience of laser TV

In terms of detailed picture quality experience, we need to talk about it. The physical resolution of Samsung LSP7T is 3840 * 2160, which is now commonly known as true 4K in the display industry. Thanks to the excellent physical hardware, the projected image is extremely clear. It may be impossible to restore the delicate image of the Samsung LSP7T under the camera. However, when you actually use it, the delicate image presentation is extremely perceptive, which is also unavailable on some other laser TVs.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

For the upcoming football World Cup, when a laser TV with excellent display effect is captured by a high-speed camera, the picture should not be stuck, blurred or even blurred. Nowadays, the traditional TV will be equipped with MEMC motion compensation technology, but when some TV plays or movie pictures are broadcast, MEMC motion compensation will become an icing on the cake. Samsung LSP7T can intelligently adjust the display state of the screen to find an optimal solution. In addition, Samsung LSP7T has specially added game enhancement mode for some game scenes that need to handle high-speed screen switching. Even if friends and relatives come to play at home or give themselves a good weekend entertainment, Samsung LSP7T can also become a competent game screen.

Leave the design blank, lighten the burden on the system. Simplicity and fluency are also the flagship basic board

Finally, let’s talk about the built-in operating system of Samsung LSP7T. Nowadays, most TVs on the market are built with intelligent systems developed based on Android. However, due to different functional requirements of various brands, there are a number of uneven products on the market. There are many advertisements in the system and the operation is stuck. This phenomenon has become the norm for many smart system TVs. Samsung, which has rich experience in mobile phone system, has carried out in-depth customization and optimization on Samsung LSP7T system. I prefer to differentiate it from traditional TV and even laser TV of other brands.

After entering the setting interface, you will see the professional color adjustment function. In addition to the traditional commonly used adjustment of contrast, clarity, color temperature and white balance, there are Gamma, BT.1886, etc. in the selection of expert settings, which is just like the name of the option in the setting. It is really professional.

If you are using a Samsung mobile phone or a Samsung smart watch, you can directly voice control the Samsung laser TV through the Bixby on these smart devices. Of course, for those who do not have Samsung mobile phones and other smart mobile terminals, the Samsung LSP7T remote control also has an independent voice assistant button, which is more convenient and fast to use.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

Samsung LSP7T has its own software and mainstream video platforms, which can already meet most daily use. Of course, with an intelligent operating system, it is natural to have an app store built in. However, the Samsung LSP7T is somewhat different from the traditional Android system. It cannot install third-party applications outside the application market, which also fundamentally eliminates the emergence of spam applications. If you really need some special software, you can also connect it with an external TV box, and you will naturally lose the pure advertising free system experience of Samsung LSP7T.


In general, as a high-end laser TV, Samsung LSP7T’s outstanding performance is from the inside out. At the core system level, Samsung LSP7T has begun to subtract in the era of addition, cutting off most unnecessary functions, and bringing a more smooth use experience to the system. Moreover, there is no advertisement setting on the device, which will make it the first in many users’ minds.

Samsung Laser TV LSP7T

In terms of the hardware performance of laser TVs in the internal competition, the Samsung LSP7T has the same level as the first echelon of the same price, whether it is the delicate image quality performance brought by the true 4K resolution, the extremely wide projection area, or even the sound effect tuning of the speakers. Samsung LSP7T is like an almost perfect iron bucket, without any short board. This may also be the attention Samsung, an international giant, attaches to such products as laser TV. After all, even if most aspects are perfect, but there is a little bit of poor experience, it will be infinitely magnified, leaving a bad impression on consumers.

At present, this laser TV has also won the honor of Amazon’s choice on the Amazon platform, with a score of more than 4.4. The most important thing is that there is a 29% discount. The World Cup, Christmas and New Year are coming. Buy one as soon as possible. Buy Samsung Laser TV LSP7T at

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