Hisense L5G laser TV Review: the best Large Screen TV for Watching the World Cup

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2022)

Whenever I see the 65 inch TV in the living room, I still miss the laser giant screen in the cinema from time to time. The emergence of laser TV with the same imaging technology as the laser cinema seems to have become a bridge for the living room to enter the “cinema era”. With the World Cup approaching, the feeling of watching it on the big screen is incomparable.

100 inch is the mainstream size of laser TV and the best size for many buyers. Among Hisense laser TVs, the 100 inch 100L5G has obvious advantages. Compared with the previous 100L5, this product has achieved “no price increase for upgrading”. Hisense 100L5G laser TVs have upgraded both in terms of picture effect and system optimization.

Hisense 100 L5G

Only 100 inches can give full play to the power of laser TV

Why do laser TVs buy 100 inches? The 100 inch screen of the Hisense 100L5G laser TV matches the 4K resolution. As soon as you enter the living room, the impact of the Hisense 100L5G laser TV will come. Only when the size is large enough can the impact force be direct enough!

At the same time, the standard configuration of Hisense 100L5G laser TV and Fresnel anti light screen can effectively reduce the interference of light sources above the screen and on the left and right sides. Compared with the traditional anti light screen configured by other brands, the picture of Hisense 100L5G laser TV is more adaptive. In addition, the brightness of Hisense 100L5G laser TV is high enough. The 380nit brightness matches the Fresnel anti light screen, and the brightness of the screen can cope with most scenes.

Hisense 100L5G laser TV and Fresnel anti light screen

The combination of 4K resolution, 380nit brightness and Fresnel anti light screen allows Hisense 100L5G laser TV to fully realize the advantages of 100 inch images. If one element is missing, the image effect will be greatly reduced. Hisense 100L5G laser TV has gathered these advantages, which is enough to satisfy people’s imagination of laser TV.

The effect is shocking and eye protection should not be sloppy

The Fresnel anti light screen can not only effectively resist ambient light, but also the Hisense 100L5G laser TV uses a “non powered” Fresnel anti light screen, which is only 2cm long, because the screen itself does not emit light and radiation, and such a non direct light source has a soft image, and it will not hurt your eyes if you watch it for a long time. Whether children take online classes or adults watch TV and movies, they can effectively protect eye health.

Hisense 100L5G has Eye Protection Function

The Gospel of Sports Fans for Picture Optimization

In terms of display quality, Hisense 100L5G laser TV also has a “hard core”, that is, it is equipped with HDR function, high dynamic contrast makes the dark details of the picture not missing, and the overall details of the picture are more abundant. At the same time, MEMC’s motion picture compensation function enables people who like watching sports events to find “true love”. Whether it’s a football match or alpine skiing, every frame is clear and unbroken. There will no longer be shadows everywhere. Football looks like a comet dragging its long tail.

Hisense 100 L5G has MEMC and Smooth Motion Feature

Comprehensive optimization of simple and easy to use software and hardware

Compared with the Hisense 100L5, the Hisense 100L5G laser TV provides 3GB+64GB super large storage memory to ensure a smooth operation experience. This configuration ensures the smoothness of the 4K image viewing machine without pressure. Many laser TVs do not have enough running memory and local storage capacity. Not only do the systems get stuck, but also the images get stuck when playing high bit rate streaming media. In particular, 4K streaming media itself requires a lot of space. Only 64GB of local storage can ensure the experience of watching 4K movies.

Hisense 100 L5G has rich Movie and Game Content

In addition to adequate supply of hardware, Hisense 100L5G laser TV has also improved the use experience in software. Hisense 100L5G laser TV has built-in far-field voice, which should wake up immediately when you call. Speaking to the laser TV, you can easily check the weather and find what you want to see.

The TV can automatically switch between the modes of cinema, games, sports, etc. It can flexibly match the viewing content to achieve the best viewing effect.

Hisense 100 L5G Movie Mode


Hisense 100 L5G Game Mode

Sound effect upgrade of external 60W subwoofer

The sound quality of Hisense 100L5G laser TV has been enhanced, and it is equipped with DTS V-X sound effect, which is also the sound effect processing technology of IMAX cinema. It is not enough to have black technology in technology. In addition to the speakers on the body of the Hisense 100L5G laser TV, a 60W subwoofer is specially installed to ensure the surging effect of bass. When you watch the movie in the future, the roaring of cars, the majestic momentum of the sea and the rendering of fist to flesh fighting will give you a cinema experience.


Hisense 100L5G laser TV is a product that “does not increase the price”. As the most favorable product among Hisense 100 inch laser TV, it is especially suitable for those who want to experience laser TV. Although this product is not a flagship product, there are a lot of configurations. For the Hisense 100L5, a popular product of the previous generation, this product has made significant progress in image quality, system and sound effects. If you want to upgrade your LCD TV at home, Hisense 100L5G laser should be seriously considered.

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