Hisense launched the world’s first 8K laser TV, as well as Cine1 in cooperation with Leica

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2023)

On CES2023, Hisense released and displayed ULEDX, MiniLED and other display technologies, and also launched the world’s first 8K laser TV.

The official said that this 120-inch large-screen 8K laser TV 120LX marked the maturity of Hisense’s 8K laser display from technical solutions to products, and also another breakthrough in the display technology.

Hisense 8K laser TV 120LX

This Laser TV has a brightness of up to 400 nits. It adopts a variable field of view ultra-short focus system architecture design lens and ultra-high resolution video signal decoding and DMD drive technology. It can present 33 million pixels on a 4 ㎡ giant screen. It also carries Dolby panoramic sound, DTS Virtual: X sound effect, and can achieve a panoramic sound field of 4 independent audio channels.

In addition, Hisense brought more than 40 advanced technologies in the industry and 65 models to the exhibition at this CES2023, of which the most striking is the 110 “super large screen in the center, which is the 8K TV 110UX of the new generation ULEDX technology.

With the industry’s highest 5000+backlight partition and the peak brightness of 2500 nits, this 110-inch large-screen TV has excellent brightness and contrast, and won the CES2023 Innovation Award..

Hisense 100L5HU Laser TV

In addition, Hisense and Leica Laser TV Cine1, jointly developed by Leica, appeared at the exhibition together. It is said that the two sides will also launch other laser TV products in 2023.

The shell of Leica Cine1 is made of aluminum alloy, which is more fashionable and elegant. RGB tri-color laser light source, DMD chip of Texas Instruments, and precision optical system manufactured according to Leica standards, plus the brightness of up to 2500 ANSI lumens (100 inches), support 2000000:1 dynamic contrast, and the official claim that its service life is more than 25000 hours, with two HDMI2.1 connectors.

Hisense and Leica Laser TV Cine1

LeicaCine1 will provide users with two models, one of which can project images up to 100 inches at a price of $8295, while the other can project images up to 120 inches at a price not announced.

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