Hisense 88L9V review of the first full sound screen laser TV: I found the immersion of IMAX cinema on this machine

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2023)

Why do everyone like going to the cinema? Some people will say that the screen is large, others will say that the sound effect is good. To sum up, it is a strong sense of immersion. But in life, we can’t go to the cinema to watch all the movies. First, we are affected by the epidemic prevention and control, and second, we have a stronger sense of happiness when our families get together to watch movies. Besides watching movies, we also need to chase dramas, play games, listen to music and so on.

So, in combination with the above needs, is it possible for us to create a family movie entertainment space with strong immersion at home? The answer is yes. To satisfy the true immersion and sense of presence, both good sound and painting+large screen+close viewing are indispensable.

Hisense 88L9V, the first full sound screen laser TV

After searching and comparing in the market, we found that LCD TVs that meet these three points are often expensive, and they need to be equipped with a top sound system, which costs a lot. More importantly, it is expensive and laborious to do this. In order to protect your eyesight, you have to sit far away to see, but the living room area and space are often limited. Is there a plan to have both fish and bear’s paw? We found that the latest Hisense Laser TV 88L9V can be realized. So the editor found such a set of products. Let’s experience and evaluate them together.

Why choose laser TV?

It is believed that many consumers will have doubts about why they choose Hisense Laser TV 88L9V instead of cheap projection. Here, let’s introduce.

On the whole, the experience of Hisense Laser TV 88L9V is beyond projection, and the laser TV is also called the next generation TV. Compared with projection, its advantages are mainly reflected in three aspects:

First, in terms of picture quality. Compared with the projection, the 88L9V is equipped with the top Fresnel passive bionic screen in the anti light screen, so you can see clear and colorful pictures without pulling the curtains during the day. In terms of resolution, the 88L9V has reached 4K, uses 100% real RGB three primary color light source architecture, does not participate in the noise wheel and phosphor, has a color gamut of 205% (BT.709), can see 1.07 billion colors, and gives back real colors to the eyes. Such a picture quality experience is beyond projection.

Second, in terms of use experience. The 88L9V not only has an ultra-thin screen, but also has flexible installation methods such as wall mounting, host mounting, hoisting and mobile installation, which makes the product more integrated with the home scene. The projection needs to be installed at a certain distance from the wall, which will damage the integrity of the home. In addition, image correction is required every time the projector is turned on. In addition, in the process of projection, because the host is close to the audience, it is easy to be interfered by the noise generated by the machine during the viewing process; Moreover, once a person passes between the host computer and the wall, the shadow will be blocked and interfere with the viewing experience. The above bad experiences in the use of projection will not occur on the 88L9V.

The third is the sound effect. Hisense Laser TV 88L9V is the only full sound screen laser TV available on the market. In the professional anti light Fresnel passive bionic screen, a 100K level sound unit is built in. That is to say, the entire 88 inch display screen is also the sound area. When we watch TV, the sound is transmitted directly from the front. In addition, the subwoofer equipped with Harman Kardon as standard, the overall sound effect is very excellent, comparable to the cinema level. However, due to the small size of the projection, the sound effect is often “enough”. In addition, there is no screen sound technology and no subwoofer, so the overall sound effect is far inferior to that of the 88L9V.

So, how does the 88L9V perform? Let’s move on.

Part I: Appearance function

Different from the laser TV we saw before, this Hisense laser TV 88L9V is equipped with a Harman Kardon sound in addition to the main unit. We will introduce the effect in detail later.

First, let’s look at the host. It is 610mm long, 346mm wide and 155mm thick. As a laser TV, it is small in size. The screen is 88 inches long, 1970.6mm long, 1118.6mm wide and 32mm thick.

This 88L9V is a full-color laser product with a resolution of 3840 * 2160, a 4-core 64 bit processor, and 3+128GB storage.

As an ultra short focus laser TV, the 88L9V can be placed less than 20cm from the wall (screen) to obtain high-definition images. It not only avoids the light source being blocked like traditional projection, but also is safer.

Now let’s look at the appearance. The gold Hisense logo on the front of the host is decorated on the speaker cloth, which is very elegant and simple.

When the machine is started, the blue indicator light under Hisense LOGO will light up, which is elegant and elegant, and also has a sense of delicacy.

Marks of Dolby, DTS, DLP and other audio-visual standard certification on the fuselage. The self-developed Acoustic Screen technology enables a 360 ° full screen wide sound field experience, breaks through the limitations of sound in distance and loudness, and enables a C-bit experience no matter where you sit on the screen; The treble is clear and flexible, the midrange is stable and calm, the bass is rich and full, and the relaxation is moderate. You can enjoy the audio-visual feast like a concert hall when you turn on the machine.

Through Dolby Vision professional certification, it can meet the broadcast needs of Dolby Vision effect movies, and make the viewing experience closer to the cinema experience.

DLP digital cinema technology meets the digital projection standards of Hollywood cinemas. Through digital light control technology and definition algorithm, it can achieve image recognition and analysis, intelligent color optimization, intelligent noise reduction optimization, and bring advanced cinematic feeling.

88L9V belongs to the flagship product of Hisense high-end suite resplendent C2, and the resplendent graphics are based on the idea of “heaven and earth”; The bright graphics on the top of the fuselage are combined with the diamond coating process to create the effect of star light scattering dome on the top of the host, showing the beauty of the sky.

The “green” element is integrated with modern powder metallurgy techniques to perfectly restore the millennium green color of azurite and malachite. With the commonly used filigree enamel process in the production of top watches, the mountain outline of “thousands of miles away” is outlined, highlighting the originality and luxury.

One side of the tail of the fuselage is the interface area, and the other side is the fan thermal area. In the middle is the product nameplate identification.

In terms of interface configuration, there are network interfaces, USB, optical fiber, network interfaces, HDMI, and cable TV interfaces, which can meet the needs of different scenarios.

There is also a USB on the right side of the body for daily use, which is more convenient to plug in and out.

The bottom of the fuselage is mainly composed of adjustable height feet, heat sink and hanging position. Therefore, the host can not only be placed on the TV cabinet and table top, but also be suspended on the rack.

After introducing the host, let’s talk about the speaker. As mentioned above, the 88L9V has the characteristics of screen sound. The mid-range and treble sound is produced by the screen, and the bass part is completed by this standard independent Harman Kardon pure wooden box independent subwoofer. Its voice power can reach up to 60W, and the bass can dive to the top of the industry at 40Hz, releasing a rock like stable bass. The sound quality is powerful, and the sound shakes the soul. It is worth mentioning that this subwoofer also won 44 red dot technology awards.

Part II: Audiovisual Testing and Experience

After introducing the basic information of the subwoofer, let’s move on to the important part of this evaluation — the sound quality test and experience of the 88L9V.

As mentioned above, the full sound screen technology of the 88L9V is one of the outstanding highlights, which is a black technology with screen sound. The entire 88 inch screen has a 2.24 ㎡ large sound area, and the sound field of the giant screen is coming.

Technically, the Acoustic Screen sound field technology professionally adjusted by Harman Kardon has been adopted. The entire 2.24 ㎡ Screen can emit harmonious, beautiful, rich and full sound with a loudness of up to 92dB. The sound has no attenuation in any direction within 3.5 meters. Sitting anywhere in the living room can enjoy a C-bit auditory feast.

The 88L9V full sound screen technology can keep the full band sound consistent with the height and width of the image in the picture, and all sounds are sent from the screen in real time, and the sound and picture are integrated.

The built-in sound unit of 100K level honeycomb bionic design is spread all over the screen, achieving “pixel level” independent sound ability, and the picture is more “sound” dynamic. Moreover, it has golden acoustic micrometer amplitude, which breaks the record of<0.8% high fidelity sound effect.

Since the screen can make sound, the screen must vibrate when making sound, just like when we touch the subwoofer that makes sound, we can feel the vibration from the front. Does the screen really vibrate?

So we use a light ball to show the vibration effect when it sounds.

We then use the silent screen (traditional laser TV) and 88L9V to compare the same sound source. From the comparison video, it can be clearly felt that the 88L9V middle, high and low bass are clearer, the sound is more pure and crisp, and the ripple comparison diagram also provides evidence.

We can experience the whole sound quality performance of 88L9V through a segment of “Avatar” film. The experience is the same as in the cinema.

The 88L9V can not only be used for watching movies, but also for listening to songs. When you come home after a busy day’s work and drag your tired body, you just want to close your eyes and nest quietly in the sofa. At this time, 88L9V is your good relaxing partner. It can also perform far-field voice interaction, listen to music, check weather, and tell stories when the TV is in standby mode after the screen is turned off. It also supports mobile phone and PAD Bluetooth connection to listen to your personal music library and become a dedicated HIFI concert hall.

If you want to change a way to relax, have a fun game with your family and friends. Then 88L9V can also be satisfied. 440000 pixels DMD pixel level light control, 240Hz high refresh dynamic imaging capability, even if the high-speed dynamic picture is still sharp and clear. MEMC motion compensation is supported, which greatly improves the dynamic definition of the screen. The screen has no jitter, no drag, and low delay, making the speed seeking motion screen and game experience more enjoyable.

The fast moving cars, gorgeous color performance, lifelike sound field, and driving from the first perspective in the video all give people a very immersive feeling, as if they are in a racing track thousands of miles away and feel the pleasure of hormone explosion.

Part III: Picture quality test

The 88L9V has a resolution of 4K and adopts a true panchromatic design. In terms of color rendering, the color gamut is up to 205%. You should know that under the BT.709 color gamut standard, the color is better if it is greater than or equal to 100%, while it is generally called high color gamut if it reaches 120%. Now, the color gamut of the 88L9V is doubled directly, and the picture is truly restored through 1.07 billion colors.

In terms of brightness, the 88L9V uses the industry’s top DMD chip, so you can see clear, colorful and bright pictures even if you don’t pull the curtains during the day.

3500:1 ultra-high contrast, bringing distinct light and dark details. With MEMC motion compensation function, the picture is silky and smooth.

From the color block test chart, we can see that the color of each color block is saturated, and there is no obvious color shift and shading change when the viewing angle is changed.

Now let’s experience the picture quality of the 88L9V through some beautiful pictures.

It can be seen that the colors in the figure are too uniform and soft, and the colors are clear and bright without ghost, with obvious contrast.

Part IV: Functional Experience

After the test, let’s take a look at the functional experience.

The first is the interface UI and operating system. The Hisense Laser TV 88L9V gives me the impression that it is comprehensive and smooth. All kinds of APPs and resources are available, and voice operation functions are also available; The sound, portrait, brightness and other functions all provide adjustment options. If you have an idea about smart home, it also comes with related programs.

Secondly, it can be controlled without a remote control. One “Hisense Gathering” or press and hold the voice control button on the remote control to complete the search, playback control, alarm clock reminder, and intelligent device control.

It is worth mentioning that the sound screen can be mounted on the wall, similar in thickness to the picture frame. The 88L9V has a built-in art gallery function, which gathers the works of global art masters. The living room changes into an art gallery with a full sense of atmosphere, creating more new possibilities for flat and spacious home space. When it really projects a masterpiece, it feels that what is in front of it is not a TV, but a work of art.

Some people may ask, what should I do if I accidentally move the host during the daily cleaning process, causing the screen distortion? Don’t worry. In the test, we found that the 88L9V also has the function of instant automatic adjustment through mobile phone scanning, which is very convenient.


On the whole, we tested and experienced that the most impressive thing about this Hisense laser TV 88L9V is the black technology of its screen sound. At the same time, its image quality performance and high refresh performance are also very excellent in movie viewing and game playing. It is a good interpretation of the qualities that a laser TV with a real sense of immersion and presence needs to have, and it also demonstrates the immersion standard of sound and painting, super large screen and close viewing with strength.

When you buy it home, you don’t have to “go to the cinema” often, but you can also achieve the small goal of lying at home, “going to the cinema” with your family and friends, and playing games in your own “cinema”. Moreover, it is the only full screen laser TV available on the market. Let me just say: Who should give it up?

More Hisense Laser TV information, please take a look at amazon.com.

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