BenQ Released Two 4LED Projectors X3000i and X1300i, Which Further Improved the Color. Can They Replace Laser TV?

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2022)

With the emergence of intelligent projectors and new categories of laser TV, traditional projectors are moving towards the popularization of home theaters. At the same time, traditional light bulb projectors have gradually stepped down the stage of history, and LED and laser light sources are becoming mainstream light sources. This year, BenQ, as the leader of DLP projectors, took the lead in deploying 4LED light source products again, and released X1300i and X3000i, which has short focus function, low input delay, high motion definition, high light output, good color, etc. It is an immersive large screen solution for game players. So, what about the new technology of 4LED?

BenQ X3000i True 4K HDR 4LED Gaming Projector

BenQ x3000i projector is equipped with 4LED light source and automatic color calibration function. The “normal” use time can be up to 20000 hours, and the use time under ecological mode can be up to 30000 hours. As the name implies, the 4LED projector uses four LEDs instead of the more common RGB LED setting – it actually gets an additional blue LED, which “converts to green through a ceramic fluorescent medium to amplify the overall output of green light”. In addition to increasing the green light output by about 40%, the overall brightness is also improved by 12% (compared with the 3LED unit).

The BenQ x3000i projector has 3000 ANSI lumens, which means you don’t have to dim the lights or pull the shutters to enjoy bright and colorful 4K UHD images on the wall or screen. HDR10 content and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut are supported to obtain realistic visual effects, and the included technology promises to provide “vivid contrast and realistic shadows”.

BenQ x3000i projector is equipped with 1.3x optical zoom (throw ratio short to below 1:1)

BenQ X3000i projector is equipped with 1.3x optical zoom (throw ratio short to below 1:1) and automatic trapezoidal correction for rocks, which is easy to place and runs Android 10. It also comes with an Android TV dongle that can access thousands of entertainment applications. Built in Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11ac dual band Wi Fi, users can use Google Cast to mirror mobile content to the wall.

BenQ x3000i provides high refresh rate with short delay

Be a game projector, BenQ X3000i has rich interface to connect different game device. The BenQ x3000i projector provides a refresh rate of up to 60Hz at 4K and 240Hz at 1080p. It can work with Sony’s PS5, Xbox SeriesX and Nintendo switches. Although the HDMI2.0b port of the projector has a maximum output frequency of 120Hz at 1080p, there may be problems in achieving these maximum refresh rates in full HD mode. The input delay of the BenQ x3000i projector at 4K/60Hz is 16ms. If you try to get an output of 1080p/240Hz, it will drop to only 4.16ms (8ms at 1080p/120Hz). Audio can be directly routed to DolbyAtmos 7.1 channel home theater audio system through HDMIeARC audio, although the BenQ x3000i projector does include a treVolo audio system consisting of two 5W full frequency speakers, and also includes stereo sound field enhancement. S/PDIF multi-channel audio output and 3.5mm headphone jack are also available for quiet gaming.

BenQ X3000i has good reviews in the market

So because the pro performance, as soon as the BenQ X3000i was launched, it was well received good reviews in the market.

Let’s back to the 4LED system, how it works?

The first thing you can see is the red LED, whose light shines directly into the optical channel, without detours. The color separation lens allows red light to pass through unimpeded. In the second place is the blue LED, whose light is guided “zigzag” on the two mirrors. Then come to the third position, where is the mixing unit composed of blue LED and green phosphor. It is illuminated through the upstream dichroic mirror because it reflects only blue light and allows yellow or green light to pass through. At the fourth position, the last is the “pump” LED, which emits blue light. At first, it directly shines on the phosphor element at an angle of 90 ° through the mirror, where it is converted into green light. Finally, it is directly reflected back to the place where it passes. The first mirror, together with the “other” green light, is guided out of the optical chamber through the second mirror.

Because single chip DLP projectors such as BenQ X3000i always generate colors in order, sites (red LED, blue LED, green+pump LED) switch like high frequency traffic lights, and like traditional UHP lights, color wheel projectors break away, and mechanical wear ensues.

In general, the structure is very good and simple, which is an effective structure. At first glance, the rest of the structure is not as traditional as people initially suspected: after the light leaves the chamber, it first guides downward through the mirror in the “light tunnel”. At this lower level, it finally reaches the image generation projection room at an upward angle of 45 °, where it is vertically guided to the DMD chip by the classic TIR prism (total internal reflection), and then from there, the “completed image” is transferred to the projection lens to project a restored real image.

In short, these advantages make 4LED not only a substitute for traditional UHP lamps, but also a substitute for laser projectors. The laser projector continues to use this price level color wheel, which cannot maintain color stability under high light volume. To achieve the same effect, the laser projector must use tricolor lasers with higher cost, such as Hisense’s PX1 and Awol Vision LTV-3500. He also expressed his curiosity about what LED technology BenQ would further develop in the future. However, it has been a technical success to start.

The main features of BenQ X3000i:

  • 4K HDR 100%DCI-P3 REALISTIC COLOR: True 4K resolution and 100% wide color gamut powered by BenQ CinematicColor and HDR-PRO for authentic color production
  • 4MS LOWEST LATENCY SWIFT AND SMOOTH: Ultra-fast 4ms@1080p/240Hz in ‘fast’ mode or 16ms with 4K/60Hz low input lag for different gaming requirements
  • SET UP YOUR GAME ROOM ANYWHERE: 3000 ANSI lumens brightness; 100-inch images from 8.3 feet (2.5m) away with 1.3x zoom throw distances and 2D Keystone
  • PRO PERFORMANCE: Compatible for console gaming (Sony PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Series S); HDMI Supporting eARC for external Hi-Def audio systems
  • CINEMATIC GAME SOUND: Built in enhanced 5W x 2 stereo speaker powered by Bongiovi DPS technology for virtual surround sound & detailed sound propagation
  • DEDICATED GAME MODE: Preset Game Mode FPS, RPG, SPG to fine-tune audio and images for various game types
  • ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT: Includes Google-certified Android TV, with 5,000+ of the latest Android apps, movies, shows, games, music, and more
  • INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY: 3-year limited parts and labor coverage; their US-based customer service team is here when you need it

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