Poem: Who will Choose Laser TV to Accompany

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2022)

Everywhere in the home, there is a hidden secret attitude of the owner. The large living room with smooth lines, the simple and luxurious laser TV, and the leather retro sofa are all silently expressing the owner’s taste and preference with visual space language.

Who will Choose Laser TV to Accompany?

Savour Life: Enjoy Movie

Some people say that regret is also a kind of beauty. Therefore, the snack bar that one day wanted to punch in no time to go again. Once, it was planned to see the sea, but it was also delayed.

People who choose laser TV don’t think so. Their life is not a pity. If there are good movies, they should watch them today. With the birth of the ultra short focus technology, the laser TV can project a 100 inch screen with only 22~25cm, and realize the homeowner’s dream of home theater without leaving home.

Whether in the daytime or in the bright living room at night, the good partner of laser TV, the “optical screen”, can effectively resist light in the upper, left and right directions. The bright environment and high-definition enjoyment can be combined at the same time, bringing the owner an unrepeatable sense of satisfaction.

Through the laser TV, the owner enjoy the charm of light and shadow.

Savour Life: Enjoy Living

Many people are numb by daily necessities, gradually lose their sensitivity to beauty, and live for a living. The purchase of furniture at home is limited to enough, and miscellaneous TV lines are just like that.

Those who choose laser TV do not accept the life of muddling along, especially at home, and pursue harmonious space collocation. The laser TV only needs one power cord to turn on the home theater. It does not need to connect the HDMI cable, audio cable, etc. of the TV box or cable in advance, so it can be perfectly integrated into the home environment.

There is no need for abrupt lifting, nor will it conflict with home decorations such as glass chandeliers and murals. Laser TV itself is a versatile home art. Put the host on the TV cabinet. The simple and generous shape, rich texture images, and natural collocation make the laser TV and everything around complement each other.

Through laser TV, the owners enjoy the aesthetic soul of life.

Savour Life: Enjoy Timing

Some people pursue pure material enjoyment. The mobile phones are getting newer, the furniture is getting more luxurious, and the houses are getting bigger, but they don’t feel free at home.

Those who choose laser TV are well aware of this. What they really care about is the time they spend with their families. Everything at home is suitable for each person. The ultra short focus design of the laser TV fully takes into account the freedom of movement of people. When a father walks to pick up a glass of water or a child runs past, there will be no human shadow that will affect others to watch.

In order to protect children’s developing fragile eyes, laser TV is not only based on the principle of diffuse reflection, but also directly casts light on the screen, avoiding the harm of direct light into the eyes. Watching animation, playing switch, and doing sports make the accompanying time of parents and children more comfortable and wonderful because of its existence.

Through the laser TV, the homeowner can enjoy the present time, which is not to be let down.

Savour Life: Enjoy Yourself

Those who choose laser TV, in fact, choose a unique attitude towards life. They are very clear about what they really need. They have the original world in their eyes and their ideal home in their heart.

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