Create a High-End Home Theater, Epson Release New Smart Laser TV EH-LS800

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

In recent years, family movie watching has entered the era of large screen, and smart laser TV has gradually become the first choice of movie enthusiasts and users with higher requirements for family movie watching quality. The smart laser TV is small in size, easy to move, larger in projection image size, and more eye friendly in diffuse reflection principle imaging, which can meet the needs of many users to build home cinemas. Two years ago, Epson launched the popular laser TV EH-LS300, which was well received by the market and users. On September 24, 2022, Epson launched the Epson Smart Laser TV EH-LS800. As the flagship smart laser TV with advantages in range, brightness and color in the current market, EH-LS800 brings smart private cinema quality life with rich and luxurious large screen experience.

Epson Smart Laser TV EH-LS800

Technology sedimentation, leading the field of family giant screen

In the daily living environment, whether we can create an effect comparable to the independent audio-visual room is a “threshold” to test the entertainment equipment in the living room. If you want to build a high-end home theater, the screen color expression is essential. Epson EH-LS800 is equipped with the 3LCD display technology independently developed by Epson, has 10bit color depth processing capability and 1.07 billion color restoration capability, supports 4K ultra-high definition display, and the brightness (light output) is up to 4000 lumens (ISO standard) . Even in a bright living room environment, it can ensure clear images and vivid colors, allowing users to enjoy a cinema like viewing experience. Epson relies on core technology to enable excellent color expression and create flexible images with details.

At the same time, for users who pursue professional viewing experience, Epson EH-LS800 can also bring users a professional level video and audio experience in terms of the expressiveness of the screen, and further enhance the real experience of the flagship laser TV.

The EH-LS800 adopts Epson’s unique 4K Pro UHD technology. Good image quality is not only resolution, but also a series of professional image processing technologies, including super resolution, detail enhancement, intelligent noise reduction, etc., which bring about the display of image details. The professional home theater level image quality engine it carries can improve the detail presentation of each image frame. While maintaining the high color brightness of the 3LCD, the EH-LS800 has an ultra-high contrast of 250000: 1 and supports HDR10/HLG, which reflects the rich details and contrast between light and dark in the picture, fully restores the depth of field and true colors of each frame, faithfully displays the original picture of the signal source, making the picture more full, real and impactful. Open the EH-LS800 and enjoy the immersive visual feast immediately.

Dare to be close and easily integrate into the home decoration style

Nowadays, the decoration concept of many families has changed from heavy decoration to heavy decoration. Especially with the upgrading of consumption, more people consider whether the equipment can be integrated into the home decoration atmosphere when selecting household appliances.

In order to avoid unnecessary space waste and make the living room appear more concise, modern and atmospheric, users often choose laser TV with smaller projection ratio when choosing laser TV. The smaller the projection ratio of laser TV is, the smaller the space occupation is, which is convenient for users to create a desirable living room layout. Epson laser TV EH-LS800 has an ultra-low projection ratio of 0.16:1 (Which is the most short ratio in the world). The device can project 100 inch images 9.8cm from the wall. With flexible installation location and simple wiring settings, it is easy to create a high-grade smart living room theater.

Surging sound effect, experience “sound” in its environment

When listening to music, watching variety shows, watching music movies or musicals, high-quality audio output can bring double hearing enjoyment. Epson EH-LS800 is equipped with Yamaha customized sound, which is tuned by Yamaha professional sound masters to bring a clear and authentic sound of nature. There are also a variety of scene sound effect modes, such as theater, television, recording studio, karaOK, etc., to create an immersive audio-visual feast.

At the same time, the Epson EH-LS800 can also be transformed into a high-quality living room Bluetooth audio with one click. It has its own Bluetooth speaker mode, and the remote control can be directly reached by one button. You can connect the Bluetooth mobile device to play music wirelessly. In the sunset, it is also a perfect enjoyment to enjoy the warm moment with family and friends in the wonderful music.

Epson EH-LS800 is equipped with Yamaha customized sound

Photo correction, easy installation experience

Epson matches the EH-LS800 series with the Epson Setting Assistant application. The APP supports one click correction of pictures, simplifies the picture adjustment process, and helps users easily adjust projection pictures. There are more multi-mode manual picture correction to meet some users’ more flexible adjustment needs.

At the same time, the EH-LS800 also has an automatic light perception function, which can automatically adjust the image brightness (light output) to adapt to a variety of lighting conditions. The day is bright and clear, and the night is more soft and natural. The projection experience is upgraded again.

Massive resources enrich family smart life

Smart life not only liberates individuals from the tedious daily life, but also helps people easily enjoy the conveniences brought by technological evolution. The EH-LS800 is equipped with various online video APPs, and massive resources can be viewed at will, providing users with a more simple and easy-to-use streaming media experience.

In addition, it has the function of “AI voice search film”. Just press the voice button on the remote control and move your mouth to find the film you want. It also supports voice operation, weather check and other practical functions, further optimizing the intelligent use experience of laser TV, making life not only colorful, but also more intelligent and convenient.

And, Epson EH-LS800 laser TV is not only a powerful tool to create a luxurious living room, but also a multi scene modern living room entertainment device that greatly increases the sense of happiness, bringing double enjoyment. With ultra-low projection ratio, it can project colorful and vivid pictures, mobilize every inch of the body’s senses to immerse in various entertainment scenes and forget to return. It is equipped with an intelligent system to bring a more modern and intelligent living room entertainment experience.

Epson brings high-quality life experience to users with its rich projection products, and endows each product with aesthetic value of life with ingenuity. To forge ahead for 80 years, Epson insisted on using cutting-edge technology to create innovative products, help intelligent life, and make the “vision” world a better place.

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