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Rising and Falling Curly Screen Laser TV, the Ultimate Product to be Expected, was First Released by Hisense

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

On September 16, 2021, Hisense released the world’s first curly screen laser TV. We experienced this product at the first time, and then revealed this industry subversive work for everyone.

The industry’s first curly integrated screen allows TV to be stored

The industry has never stopped exploring the curly screen, but as of yesterday, there was no mature application until the advent of Hisense curly screen laser TV. It introduces aviation grade high-tech materials to solve the “world-class problem” that the screen can meet both the requirements of flexibility and flatness stiffness.

Hisense curly screen laser TV

The elevating screen also makes the application scenario of laser TV more flexible. The screen rising is the large screen living room theater; When the screen drops, the laser TV turns into a high quality sound, which makes every movie viewing full of ritual sense and gives a better meaning to life.

In terms of practical application, the new curly screen architecture perfectly solves the application pain points such as poor matching between traditional laser TV and TV cabinet, and even TV can be easily stored from now on. The screen is only 1.6mm thick, which is extremely light and thin. It can easily adapt to different home environments. Viewing on a large screen is no longer restricted. It can be said that it has broken the flat form display of TV, and has taken the lead in realizing the civil curly screen in the world, bringing new possibilities for living room theatre.

Between the ups and downs, giving life a sense of ritual

It can be said that the new curly screen laser TV has broken the flat form display of TV, and is the first in the world to achieve a civil curly screen, bringing new possibilities for living room audio and video. It is also another practice of independent innovation in science and technology in the world. Hisense has submitted more than 70 patent applications for this new technology, promoting the development of the industry with innovation. Hisense has been fulfilling its mission.

Three primary color laser shows extreme color

Hisense curly screen laser TV is equipped with three primary color light sources, which greatly improves the color expression In 2020, the color gamut will reach 107%, truly showing the colorful nature, making the image as real as the naked eye. The machine also has 4K ultra-high definition resolution, which can display 8.3 million pixels completely. The sharp and clear picture makes any details clear at a glance.

Hisense curly screen laser TV has great BT.2020 color garmut

In terms of brightness, the brightness in front of the Hisense convoluted screen laser TV has reached 350nit, which, combined with the anti light screen, ensures the picture quality in a bright environment. At the same time, users will not feel dazzling when the lights are turned off at night. It can be said that the brightness is just right. Thanks to the diffuse reflection imaging mode, the TV picture is more soft and natural, and very eye friendly.

Hisense convoluted screen laser TV also supports HDR display, with outstanding contrast between picture details and light and dark, and accurate presentation of dark details. From extreme color to 4K resolution, there is no doubt that the display effect of the new TV has represented the top level of the industry. Laser display is regarded as “a revolution in the history of human vision”, and perhaps the time of revolution has coming.

Immerse yourself in the sound quality

Ultimate images naturally need to be matched with perfect sound effects. Hisense’s curly screen laser TV is built with Harman Kardon customized theater sound in the golden hall, and supports Dolby and DTS double decoding. Surrounding immersive sound quality allows the audience to immerse themselves in it, which brings unprecedented real experience with the 100 inch screen.

Hisense curly screen laser TV integrated Harman Kardon Sound Systen

The powerful hardware configuration has also made a new breakthrough in the sound effect of Hisense’s convoluted screen laser TV. The 9L large sound cavity and high-power audio output ensure that the sound quality is impressive enough, and the design of front voice makes the sound reach the human ear directly. It can make the bedroom burst instantly when showing big scenes such as aircraft passing and explosion; In terms of details, effects such as raindrops falling and whispering can also be presented accurately.

Large screen cinema is the smart center of living room

Hisense curly screen laser TV is equipped with JUUI artificial intelligence system, with built-in MT9639 movement and 3GB storage. Its performance is hard enough to reach the industry-leading level, and it can run high-quality games or 4K blockbusters smoothly and quickly. 128GB mass storage also supports users to download more extended applications.

Hisense curly screen laser TV is the center of smart living room. It has added far-field voice function, which makes human-computer interaction easier. You can use your mouth to achieve what you want.

The Collision between the Technology of Black Walnut Solid Wood and the Classics

The appearance design of Hisense curly screen laser TV is also exquisite. It uses metal oxide plates and walnut solid wood, and uses modern structural aesthetics to perfectly integrate science and technology with classicality, creating a unique artistic beauty. In the dimension of “home atmosphere”, Hisense has given us a perfect answer.

As a flagship model, Hisense’s curly screen laser TV is much smaller than expected, and it can be easily placed in a small living room. There is also a delicate storage space hidden under the push-pull front panel, which can be sent to place set-top boxes and other external devices, so that the TV can be stored. In addition, the automatic opening and closing optical mechanical electric sliding cover can effectively protect the optical mechanical safety.

In today’s laser TV industry, the design concept of most products is still lagging behind, which has been difficult to meet the public aesthetic. The appearance of Hisense’s new products has also undergone a “drastic” transformation, giving the products more home flavor with classical beauty. I think if it is placed in the living room, it can instantly show the style and taste of the host.


Hisense’s curly screen laser TV has achieved subversive innovation, which also marks that the laser TV industry has ushered in a new stage of development. Its introduction also means that Hisense, the leader, has once again moved forward.

More importantly, the launch of the curly screen laser TV also marks a solid step towards space display. Stereoscopic display may not be far away from us.

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