Support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, Hisense released the new generation 4K flagship laser TV S760K

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2023)

On March 2, Hisense Laser TV‘s flagship new product S760K, which focuses on audio and video experience, was officially launched, bringing users a more eye-care, immersive and intelligent home viewing solution.

Hisense New 4K Flagship Laser TV S760K

The new laser TV S760K brings users a more eye-care, immersive and intelligent home viewing solution. This new product is also regarded as the new flagship of the 100-inch home theater in the TV market. The S760K not only inherits the characteristics of large screen eye protection, 100-inch giant screen immersion viewing and so on unique to the laser TV category, but also the appearance of this product is very “eye-catching”. The body design adheres to the simple design concept of Dirhams, which can easily meet the high quality requirements of home decoration designers and users for home appliances.

Hisense is also a powerful combination of the world’s top technologies to comprehensively upgrade the audio and video experience. The new product supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and has the support of WAVES Master Sound, and is committed to bringing users unparalleled immersive home theater enjoyment.

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are advanced audio-visual technologies favored by the world’s top filmmakers and storytellers. They can bring amazing, authentic authenticity to the audio-visual experience and make the story more vivid. A senior expert in image technology at Dolby Laboratories, said: “In order to bring immersive video and audio experience to more users, Dolby has been looking for excellent partners around the world to explore more immersive video and audio experience scenes together. Hisense Laser TV is undoubtedly one of the best partners in home viewing scenes. Its independently developed LPU digital laser engine is combined with Dolby’s vision, and it carries Hisense’s giant screen, and also supports Dolby’s Atmos sound, presenting a shocking and immersive height Quality audio and video experience. Dolby will continue to work with Hisense to embrace technological innovation and create higher quality audio and video experience for users. “

Hisense S760K supports Dolby Atmos

Waves is the winner of the Grammy Technology Award and the global leader and pioneer of audio technology in the music, entertainment, broadcasting and consumer electronics industries. Waves has a long history in home display products such as televisions, PC monitors and projectors; This new product marks the first cooperation of Waves in the field of laser TV. Eitan David, General Manager of Waves, said: “We are very happy to cooperate with Hisense Laser TV to improve the sound performance of the new S760K, provide users with richer and purest sound, and immerse the audience in a more authentic audio experience.”

You can experience more immersive viewing enjoyment only when you feel the shock scene at a close distance. The backlight of traditional LCD TV directly enters the human eye through the screen, and the image has a strong sense of aggression. It will be more dazzling when viewed at a close distance; In contrast, laser TV reflection imaging has no sense of aggression. Eye-protection technology supports 3.5m viewing of a 100-inch giant screen, allowing both immersion and eye-protection, and creating an ideal home theater. The laser TV screen is not powered on, so the screen is truly radiation-free; DMD controls the image signal, which will not cause the stroboscopic problem of LCD TV due to the frequent lighting of liquid crystal molecules, and avoid the dry and tired eyes caused by the stroboscopic light source; In addition, the central wavelength of the monochrome laser TV blue light is about 455 nm, effectively avoiding the spectral range of harmful blue light, and has passed the German Rhine low blue light certification guarantee.

With no stroboscopic, no radiation and low harmful blue light, Hisense Laser TV S760K can truly achieve more immersive and healthy home viewing. In terms of image quality, Hisense Laser TV S760K is equipped with Hisense’s self-developed LPU digital laser engine, and uses 100% RGB laser light source, reaching the industry’s highest color gamut of 205% (BT.709), with a high contrast ratio of 35000:1, which makes the picture clearer and restores the true and good colors of nature; MEMC motion compensation is supported to greatly improve the definition of dynamic pictures and reduce drag.

Hisense Laser TV S760K supports the Dolby Vision, bringing incredible brightness, contrast, detail and color, and bringing lifelike visual experience to users’ eyes. With the support of Dolby’s vision, Hisense Laser TV S760K can faithfully return the creative intention of the original author, let the original sense of reality come to you, let people lift their eyes into the classic works, and enjoy the shocking and vivid visual feast.

At the same time, Hisense Laser TV S760K is also equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual: X Sky Sound, both of which push the sound quality performance to a new high. Through Dolby Atmos Sound, both racing cars and planes passing by can be accurately presented in three-dimensional space, bringing immersive sound effects and creating the aural enjoyment of being in the scene. In addition, Hisense Laser TV S760K also has a built-in Dolby audio and video zone, which contains a rich Dolby format of films, from hardware to content, forming a complete immersive experience ecosystem.

The new appearance design of Hisense Laser TV S760K, adhering to the simple design concept of “LESS BUT BETTER” of Atlas, is meticulously carved everywhere and pays tribute to the classic. The simple and tough appearance is easier to integrate into the home, leaping up the new aesthetics of home. The 20mm thin screen can be mounted on the wall at zero distance, saving space and easy to clean, and opening the wall art exhibition. Hisense Laser TV S760K can be connected to multiple smart home ecological platforms, and form a complete smart home solution with other smart components – TV, air conditioning, lighting, curtains, etc. After being connected to the smart home ecological platform, you can enter the viewing scene by setting a fixed scene, voice, the air conditioning automatically turns on, the light automatically adjusts the brightness, the curtain automatically turns off, the laser TV slowly lights up… The smart and convenient home life starts.

In addition, Hisense Laser TV S760K supports far-field voice, which is free from the shackles of remote control. Voice control within 5 meters, bilingual intelligent recognition, one command, and all commands are heard.

Hisense laser TV S760K, which is large screen, scenario-based, intelligent and beautiful, integrates cutting-edge technology and home aesthetics, and the trend is not out of date. It is a must-see choice for users with dual needs of TV and home decoration.

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