Dangbei Mars Pro Review, Best Portable Smart Laser Projector

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2023)

With the improvement of living standards, global home users are increasingly eager to create large-screen video and audio. Compared with the traditional projection with bulky and single function, smart home large-screen projection has gradually entered family life and become a cost-effective substitute for large-screen TV.

At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic, consumers’ demand for home projectors has increased. At this time, Dangbei has further expanded the market and released the first flagship projection – Dangbei Mars Pro projector.

Dangbei Mars Pro

Main Features

  • True 4K 3D Projector: True 4K resolution(3840 x 2160P) and incredible 3200 ANSI Lumens, delivering ultimate color and image with support for 4K, HDR 10, HLG.
  • Advanced ALPD Laser Technology: Dangbei Mars Pro Projector uses laser light source with a lifespan of 25000H, providing a wider color gamut, and more real colors.
  • Smart Screen Adjustment: Auto focus, ±40 degrees Auto keystone correction, intelligent obstacle anvoidance and intelligent screen alignment. No space constraints, it can quickly adjust settings itself.
  • Dual 10W Speakers, Dolby Audio&dts HD: Dolby Digital and DTS Studio Sound technology is well applied to Mars Pro, provides the ultimate shocking sound for home theater.
  • 4G+128G ROM, Android OS: Dangbei customizable UI carries thousands of apps. The interface is cleaner, apps launch faster, and playback is smoother. Easier to build a home theater.


Dangbei Mars Pro Packing

The exterior packaging style of Dangbei Mars Pro projection adopts the black keynote packaging style, which is simple and atmospheric.

The back is the relevant product information
After unpacking, you will see the main machine and the accessories below

Housing Design

As the first global flagship product of Dangbei, the fuselage is mostly covered with gray and black aluminum.

The aviation aluminum material on the fuselage is also full of science and technology. The 4K logo on the upper left corner proves its ability of 4K resolution.

The 2.5D nanometer skin-friendly glass upper cover has a delicate touch, a jade luster, and a sense of playfulness in the steady breath.

The front adopts suspension design, which is also full of technology. The lens in front is covered with glass to prevent dust from entering the lens and affecting the viewing.

When the interface behind the BeMars Pro projection is rich and practical, it has dual USB interfaces and dual HDMI interfaces, which is sufficient to meet the needs of multi-device users. It can connect game consoles, USB and other devices at the same time, especially users who pursue high-definition images, can watch more high-definition local video.

The appearance of the remote control, but careful users will find a small detail. On the voice key, when the Mars Pro projection is no longer a voice logo, it becomes a mouse pattern. You can open the mouse mode by long pressing the mouse button, and use the up, down, left and right buttons to control.

Projection Picture

Dangbei Mars Pro uses the flagship processing chip MT9669, ALPD laser light source, and has 3200 ANSI lumens and 4+128GB large memory.

In our daily life, the projector mainly uses three kinds of light sources, namely LED light source, laser light source and traditional bulb light source.

The traditional projector uses bulb light source, which is characterized by high brightness and bright color, but short life, serious bulb heating, and larger projector volume. The projection of LED light source is also the mainstream in the projection market, with long life, better color saturation and details, and the body can be relatively small. The laser light source has a longer life, a more pure color and a higher overall brightness. However, because of the high cost of such light sources, the laser projection products will be more expensive.

The following are live photos. Due to the limitations of camera shooting, the actual viewing effect will be slightly different.

When playing 4K pictures, you can see that the green leaves in the picture are bright in color, and the details of the leaves’ meridians are more prominent.

In the bright picture, the lines of the car are clearly displayed, and the details of the side waist line can be clearly seen.

In the pictures with many dark scenes, the layers are clear, and no edge details are lost.

OS and System

Dangbei Mars Pro projection uses Emotn OS, which has rich international software resources and is more suitable for overseas use. The interface is designed with waterfall flow, which is simple and generous, and various applications are intuitive.

Dangbei Mars Pro projector supports automatic correction, intelligent attraction, intelligent obstacle avoidance, real-time trapezoid correction and other functions. However, new users should pay attention to the fact that these functions need to be turned on manually after starting up.

When Mars Pro has a built-in community function, you can see all kinds of project-related information after entering. Click the website in the upper right corner to enter the TVsBook forum page. The forum contains all kinds of projection, television information, and discussion of projection issues among users.

The editor has always considered the side key function of the remote control to be the most practical function. The Dangbei Mars Pro shortcut key page maintains the design UI of Dangbei, and any page can be called up quickly.

In terms of test decoding ability, 4K and 1080P videos were tested respectively. When the BeMars Pro projection can be played smoothly, the system also supports three decoding methods, namely hardware decoding, software decoding and system decoding.

One-screen projection has always been one of the most popular ways for video users. When BeMars Pro projection supports both Apple and Android to view video on the same screen, you only need to connect to the same network with the projection.

The cleaning of projection memory is also a practical problem in use. When Mars Pro projection has a housekeeper, it can clean up system garbage and memory with one click, so that the machine can give feedback more quickly.

When viewing large-screen images, vision protection has always been a concern of users. Large-screen electronic products should be selected as far as possible, with the priority of projectors, televisions, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Through reflection imaging, the projector makes the picture seen by the human eye closer to nature, and the light is softer. Even if you watch it for a long time, it will not cause visual fatigue.

For families with children at home, the most important concern is whether the light source projected by the projection will hurt the eyes. So when Mars Pro projection has eye protection mode, and when children are passing by, the machine will automatically dim the light and give a prompt.

When Mars Pro supports the activation of motion compensation mode, the motion compensation mode is very friendly to users who like to watch fast moving pictures, such as ball games, racing, action movies, etc.

After the motion compensation is turned on, the picture is output by the chip based on the algorithm. It can accurately judge the motion track in various complex high-speed dynamic pictures, and carry out reasonable and intelligent frame compensation, so as to make the view of fast moving pictures smoother without dragging.


There are numerous stars in the vast universe, and Mars is also a shining star in the boundless stars. With the appearance of rich science and technology, bright lumens and so on, the Mars Pro projection will become a shining new star in the overseas projection market.

Throughout the global projection market, the intelligent projector market is still in the initial stage, and the common projectors are more traditional in both shape and system, while the Dangbei Mars Pro projection has become the standard configuration, with strong advantages, whether it is resolution, motion compensation, trapezoidal correction, automatic projection and other functions. As a new display technology in the projection industry, laser projection technology can most realistically reproduce the rich and colorful colors of the objective world, and provide a more shocking expression. When the laser projection technology adopted by Mars Pro, whether in product form or product function, is superior to many other projection products in all dimensions. After entering the global market, we believe that Beding can become the leader of the projection industry.

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