The smart portal laser projector is recommended in 2023

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2023)

Due to the continuous improvement of people’s demand for viewing, the projector of laser light source is more and more popular with users due to its advantages of high brightness, high image quality, long life and high stability. At the same time, with the further upgrading of laser display technology and the reduction of cost, laser display technology has been extended to the field of home projectors. When purchasing laser projectors, we should still identify some good brands to ensure the quality and performance of the products. Which is the best 2023 laser projector? Next, I would like to recommend some home laser projectors worth starting with.

Dangbei Mars Pro

Dangbei Mars Pro projector adopts ALPD laser projection technology, which has multiple advantages such as low cost, high brightness, wide color gamut and no speckle. The brightness has reached 3200 ANSI lumens and achieved a new brightness standard; It can provide 4K resolution ultra-clear pictures. At the same time, it adopts the self-developed AI color engine Pro technology, which can reshape the image in real time, optimize the color in depth, and get closer to the original effect. In terms of system, Dangbei Mars is equipped with MT9669 chip, with 4G+128G of large memory, and the built-in Dangbei OS (Base Android OS) is convenient and personalized to use; At the same time, global auto-focus and automatic trapezoid correction can bring clear and square pictures, and the viewing effect is guaranteed.

Dangbei Mars pro

Dangbei U1

When Dangbei U1 is an ultra-short focus laser light source projector, the ALPD laser light source is used, and the brightness reaches 1250 ANSI lumens; AI color engine Pro is used for intelligent image quality remodeling, and the image quality is exquisite and real. In terms of system, it is equipped with MT9669 TV chip, has 3GB+32GB of memory, and has automatic focusing and automatic ladder correction functions. It is worth mentioning that it has an ultra-low projection ratio of 0.23:1, and can project 80 inches of large pictures at 25 cm. Small and portable, only 2/3 the size of A4 paper. It won the “Science and Technology Innovation Award” of the 2022 Audio and Video Industry Conference, the IT168 Annual Product Award in 2022, and the Product Award of the Science and Technology Innovation Award of the China Electronics and Video Industry Association.

Dangbei U1

Epson EF-12

The Epson EF-12 projector uses a powerful laser light source and 3LCD display technology, with three 0.62-inch chips built in, and has strong display performance. Its brightness reaches 1000ISO lumens and contrast reaches 2500000:1. It supports HDR10+HLG technology. The picture details are real and rich in layers; In terms of correction, it has automatic focusing and automatic trapezoid correction functions, and can easily avoid obstacles through image zooming and image displacement. With Tencent Aurora system, it has massive resources and supports AI voice control, which is convenient and fast.

Epson EF-12


Wemax GO uses an ALPD cinema-grade laser light source, with a brightness of 600 ANSI lumens, a resolution of 1080P, compatible with 4K decoding, and a clear and delicate picture. At the same time, FAV image quality engine, FAC color calibration and HDR10 decoding are adopted to bring professional viewing effect to users. It is equipped with the AmlogicT982 processor, with a computing power of 2600 billion times per second. It is equipped with 2GB+16GB of large memory and FengOS (Base Android 9.0 OS) intelligent large-screen operating system to meet the rich needs of users for watching movies and downloading software entertainment. It has a variety of correction technologies, such as sensorless focusing, omnidirectional automatic trapezoid correction, intelligent obstacle avoidance, automatic screen alignment, MEMC motion compensation, and so on, so that users can watch high-quality pictures without worry.


These are the 2023 home laser projectors recommended for you. In general, if there are relatively high requirements for brightness, image quality and performance, Dangbei Mars Pro is preferred. Its ultra-high brightness and ultra-clear image quality can meet the viewing needs of users in different scenes; In addition, if the viewing environment is limited, it is also recommended that you can enjoy a large picture from a very short distance when you use the ultra-short focus laser projection of Dangbei U1. You can choose according to your different needs.

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