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Samsung Laser TV
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Laser TV is not an “all day” product. Before you buy it, you should think clear these three things

Some people always say that laser TV is not good, the brightness is too low, and there…

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Real Feedback the TOP Pros and Cons of Laser TV

The sense of TV existence is getting weaker and weaker. Everyone from the elderly to children has…

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Poem: Who will Choose Laser TV to Accompany

Everywhere in the home, there is a hidden secret attitude of the owner. The large living room…

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How to Choose Laser TV or LCD TV?

A friend started a full-color laser TV some time ago. After experiencing it for some time, he…

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The Prospect of Laser TV is Great Exciting

Technology will no doubt continue to develop, and new technologies are emerging. In such a rapid change,…

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Does Laser TV hurt Eyes?

Does laser TV use laser light source, will it hurt your eyes?! To understand this truth, we…

viewing distance for TV 4
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What is the Suitable Distance to Watch Laser TV?

Many people are very puzzled about TV viewing distance and don’t know much about it. Experts’ opinions…

beautiful projection screen
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Why Need Projection Screen?

Many friends who buy home cinema projectors are entangled in whether to buy the projection screen. The…

Hisense Laser Cinema TV Vidaa Max 5
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The Five Major Shortcomings of Laser Television

Although laser TV is not what special fresh term, but for the laser TV understanding is not…

Appotronics Corporation
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Appotronics, a Hidden Unicorn Company in Laser Projector Era

Maybe some people has a memory of CES 2013. At that time a product named Hecto TV…

inovel or jmgo 2
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What is the Advantage of Laser TV?

Laser TV technology is a new color TV display technology in 1990s. It has more advantages than…

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The Patent for Apple’s Crazy, Transparent Laser TV

As Quartz mention, Apple has a secret patent: transparent laser TV which the light source is lasers last…