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The Prospect of Laser TV is Great Exciting

Technology will no doubt continue to develop, and new technologies are emerging. In such a rapid change, the future of the traditional TV industry seems elusive. People are scramble for big screen TV, but are they likely to be too big to manipulate and difficult to move? Laser TV is an excellent solution.

laser tv 11

laser TV

Because of its flexibility and portability, laser TV is becoming more and more popular, offering screens that are over 100 inches in size and can easily be moved from room to room, or placed invisible when not in use. How will laser TV develop in the future?

More Colorful

Laser TV uses laser light source, laser has a high gamut coverage, bright color, look more real, high brightness and other characteristics, compared to the previous LED light source has made great progress. But the commercial laser TV is not RGB tricolor laser (tricolor laser is being developed, green laser module is unstable), but monochromatic laser fluorescence projection, a fluorescent color wheel for color mixing and color separation. Now some manufacturers have introduced dual-color laser TV, such as the XGIMIT1, Hisense L7, color further improved.

More colorful laser tv

red color on the left is obviously higher than that on the right side

High Resolution Ratio

At present, most commercial laser TV is 1080p resolution, and more than 50 inches of OLED has basically realized 4K. Among the domestic laser TV manufacturers, Hisense has fully realized 4K projection. TI is expected to introduce a low-cost 4K projection solution by the end of 2018, which will lead to the full realization of 4K laser TV.

1080p and 4K 2

4K and 1080P


Brightness, especially color brightness, is an important factor in determining the effect of laser TV viewing. Now the civilian laser projection is generally in 2000-3000 ANSI lumen, Hisense and Appotronics continue to maintain the lead in this area, manufacturers in Japan adopt the 3LCD light source, the actual color brightness is also good. Other laser televisions labeled with 4000 lumens have an actual brightness of only 1500 lumens, while the rest are actually white. Another important factor affecting the brightness is the optical engine, mainly the lens, which Japanese manufacturers have maintained a leading position in this area, the price is much higher than domestic.

brightness of laser tv

Brightness affects viewing effect


The common person may not know HDR, High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR). In high light ratio environments, ordinary cameras can not record extremely bright or dark details because of dynamic limits. HDR program processed photos, even in the case of high light ratio, regardless of the highlight, dark position can be obtained better than ordinary photographs. People who often take pictures may have experiences, such as taking white clouds in the sky, if HDR is not enabled, then either the sky is white, the landscape is clear, or the sky white clouds are clear, but the front landscape is dark; if HDR is enabled, then white clouds and landscape can be very clear. Video is essentially high-speed continuous photos, so there are similar HDR technologies. Laser TV will definitely support HDR in the future.

HDR with or without

With(Left) or without(Right) HDR

Professional Screen

Although the laser TV screen is a variety of dazzling, but at present the best is still the Finel screen, better than the anti-light screen. We have always believed that the laser TV screen is the most valuable piece of content, and this is often ignored by the general consumer. At present, Finel’s hard screen is at most 100 inches, the biggest can be 120 inches, and the small one has 80 and 88 inches. There may be more choices in the future.

Finel Screen

Finel Screen


There are actually two concepts. The first is that laser TV is becoming more and more intelligent. It can recognize human language through artificial intelligence, complete the whole control, and no longer need remote control, including matching keywords to search for content. The second is content, mainly Internet content, which is a very hot term ecosystem. Blu-ray players are becoming less popular, including high prices for Blu-ray discs, and people are used to watching content online, including high-definition movies. In the future, no external TV boxes will be needed, and laser TV will be built in.

content of Laser tv

HiFi Sound System

Since it’s called TV, of course, it’s gorgeous sound, and the JmGO S1 Pro had a very good sound performance, reaching the HIFI level. XGIMI and Appotronics have recently launched a laser TV with the world’s top brand of Haman Kardon audio, directly reaching the effect of home theaters and going further. Of course, there are also some brands in this reduced configuration, the need for external speakers, such as Sharp’s laser TV. But for consumers, if they can buy an integrated product cheaply, why pay another dollar? At present, the main contradiction is that people’s pursuit of a better life, and the gap between reality, beautiful images and immersed surround sound, to bring people an unparalleled film experience.


The quality and advantages of laser TV for the whole market just showed, and its development prospect is great exciting.

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Does Laser TV hurt Eyes?

Does laser TV use laser light source, will it hurt your eyes?!

To understand this truth, we can draw two aspects. First, look at the design of the laser TV itself, and then analyze the safety standards of the laser itself.

laser tv light road
The Light Road of Laser TV

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What is the Suitable Distance to Watch Laser TV?

viewing distance for TV 4

Many people are very puzzled about TV viewing distance and don’t know much about it. Experts’ opinions differ greatly from the actual experience. So how much is it?

Watching distance actually needs to be described from four aspects, one missing is one-sided.

  • Screen resolution
  • Eye view angle
  • Radiation
  • Light Brightness

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Why Need Projection Screen?

beautiful projection screen

Many friends who buy home cinema projectors are entangled in whether to buy the projection screen. The user will hesitate, a lack of understanding of the projection screen. Maybe you think that projection screen just like the ordinary white walls, spend big price to buy the projection screen is a waste. Is it Right?! Quite wrong. Please take a look at the following pictures: projection screen 1 Same projector at same environment, left one is an ordinary curtain, the right is a professional high gain projection screen.

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What is the Advantage of Laser TV?

Laser TV technology is a new color TV display technology in 1990s. It has more advantages than other display technology because of the characteristics of laser:

Laser Display Color Gamut
Laser Display Color Gamut
laser tv projector color
laser tv projector color

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How Laser Works, Why so Bright?

Military laser experiment

Short for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A device that creates and amplifies electromagnetic radiation of a specific frequency through the process of stimulated emission. The radiation emitted by a laser consists of a coherent beam of photons, all in phase and having the same polarization. Lasers have many uses, such as cutting hard or delicate substances, reading data from compact disks and other storage devices, and establishing straight lines in geographical surveying.

brightness of laser

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The Theory of RGB Laser Light Projection System

As we all know, RGB is the primary colors, can contaminate any color which human will identification.Ordinary LED projector, is to restore the light source into RGB three colors, and then re modulation according to the color ratio,  produce the final image. But laser is different, laser is a monochromatic light, cannot be restore to RGB three colors.

RGB laser system

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What is Blue Laser Projector, how it Works?

blue laser 1

Use blue laser diode as light source to replace high intensity discharge (HID) lamp. In order to generate the red, green, blue three primary colors, diode laser throw the laser to a fluorescent pink wheel, resulting in yellow (red and green additive color mixing). Blue laser can be generated when the blue laser passes through the diffuser. Then the projector will separate the color sequentially transmit through a color wheel,  cast to an imaging surface, such as DLP chipset. Then the imaging surface of the light transmit through the lens and hit on the projection screen.

Blue laser 2

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