How to Choose Laser TV or LCD TV?

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2022)

A friend started a full-color laser TV some time ago. After experiencing it for some time, he found that laser TV is really much better than ordinary LCD TV. Originally, he wanted to change the TV set for his parents’ home, but was rejected by his parents. The reason was simple: it was too troublesome to replace, they were used to watching LCD, and heard that laser consumes electricity… He had no choice but to start a long science popularization. We have summarized that many people have the following misconceptions about laser TV:

LCD TV color better? Not necessarily, the color of laser TV is more realistic

When you watch LCD TV, have you ever noticed that it gives you the feeling of “bringing your own filter”? To put it bluntly, this is because the color temperature of LCD TV is too high, and the color temperature of some TV sets even reaches 9000K, so the picture is too bright. However, higher color temperature does not represent more accurate color, and the color temperature of 6500K is consistent with the real color we see everyday.

LCD TV has a little high color temperature

Different from LCD TV, laser TV uses a tricolor light source with a higher color gamut. For example, Hisense’s laser TV can reach BT 2020 is 107% of the color gamut, so it can display richer colors. And when the color is more restored, the picture you see will be more realistic!

Is it too troublesome to replace the TV? No wiring, easier laser TV installation

Compared with LCD TVs, laser TVs do not need to be powered on to lay power lines, nor do they need to care about how the TV cabinets are placed at home. One socket, one fixed screen, you can enjoy the super large screen!

It is worth mentioning that even if you need to install anti light cloth at home, it is better than installing a 100 inch LCD TV. The anti light curtain is very light. If it is not used on a particularly solid wall, the anti light curtain will have less pressure on the wall. In addition, the laser TV itself is light and convenient to move.

The laser TV screen is so large that it consumes too much power. No, laser TV actually saves more power!

For parents, “whether to use electricity or not” is a key factor. Maybe the electricity bill of two or three dollar in your eyes is a key selling point for them to be reckoned with. Compared with LCD TV, laser TV consumes less power!

Previously, relevant units released the results of the energy consumption comparison test of 100 inch laser TV and LCD TV of the same size. Under the same conditions, the laser TV saves 63.9% of the power than LCD TV; In theater mode, laser TV saves 55.5% of the power than LCD TV.

Every little makes a mickle in our daily life. There are dozens of yuan left each month for electricity bills. In two years, you can even buy another TV. Isn’t that good?

Laser TV can save the power

One Word Summary

Of course, laser TV also has a big disadvantage. When the ambient light is very bright, the light resistance of Laser TV is not very good. Therefore, if it is used outdoors or in places with particularly bright ambient light, please choose traditional LCD TV. To sum up, laser TV has many advantages over traditional TV, and the price is much cheaper. It’s a good time to buy it. Please read the buyer’s guide carefully and make the best choice:

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