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Appotronics, a Hidden Unicorn Company in Laser Projector Era

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

Maybe some people has a memory of CES 2013. At that time a product named Hecto TV which made by LG get the great award “the Product of Future” and “reddot design award”. From then on, Laser TV is born! But LG is not the owner of this technology which called ALPD (Advanced Laser Phosphor Display), Appotronics Corporation  is.

Appotronics Laser TV and LG Hecto TV
Appotronics Laser TV and LG Hecto TV

Appotronics was built in Silicon Valley in 2004. It wasdevoted to developing the core technology of the next generation semiconductor light source,brighter than LED. in 2006, Appotronics developed the overthrow ALPD technique. The first core patents was submitted to the US Patent Office.

AL-FX850 AL-FH850 AL-FU850 Laser extreme series
AL-FX850 AL-FH850 AL-FU850 Laser extreme series 8500lm

But in 2011,  Appotronics moved to Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley in China. From then on, Appotronics launched many ALPD projectors in China market, beats IMAX  technology in cinema. Now there are several hundreds cinemas use ALPD projectors. The Founder and CEO of Appotronics LIYI said “We suspend our marketing step, made the products more mature and great”. So they focus on the China market first, then the global market.  LIYI respect Jobs and Ren Zhengfei ( CEO of Huawei ), want to change people the sight to watch the world. Laser is the future.

AL-UH450 (Laser ultra short-throw projector series)
AL-UH450 (Laser ultra short-throw projector series 4800lm)

“Advanced Laser Phosphor Display” is condensed to ALPD® . It uses blue laser based on GaN to stimulate the moving fluorescent materials to produce one or more primary colors, applied to image display.It is the core technology forhigh brightness image display.

Traditional image display devices adopt HID bulb light source to display colorful images. But these bulbs have shortcomings, e.g. short lifetime, inefficiency, containing hazardous substances, etc. As LED was invented, it was applied to image display devices quickly, such as TV, because of its high efficiency and long lifetime. LED has a continuous progress, and provides a bigger luminous flux but is limited by the bigger etendue.It could not meet the need of high luminance display, what’s more, it is lower than some traditional bulbs, such as high pressure mercury lamps used in the traditional projector. Laser has good directivity, and laser spot can focus on a mini spot (the smallest is up to several microns). Its luminance increases not only 100~1000 times than that of LED but has a greater promotion than the high pressure mercury lamps. However, its high cost, lower photoelectric conversion rate and lower reliability limits the laser’s application in the display field.

ALPD Advanced Laser Phosphor Display 2

ALPD® technique retains the high luminance advantage of traditional laser, while adopting the basic technology that integrate fluorescent materialsinto blue light like LED,with the creatively addition ofthe remote rotating fluorescent device It, resolves the problem of extinction,and with the stimulation of high density laser, still keeps a high conversion rate.

It uses the fluorescent materials of GaN blue laser, YAG and nitrides, maintaining the advantages of LED with high reliability and long lifetime.

ALPD® laser source keeps the advantages of both traditional laser and LED, and resolves their problems. It is an overthrow to the new light source, and it is a breakthrough in lighting technology history.

ALPD Advanced Laser Phosphor Display 1

In 2016, Appotronics has the consumer level portable laser projector named Xiaoming M1 and S1, the brightness upto ANSI 700~980lm, beats all over the available products!

Xiaoming M1 and S1 1
Xiaoming M1 and S1

Now Appotronics has become a dynamic company that develops and manufactures high performance solid-state laser light sources for consumer, industrial and medical applications. A Hidden Unicorn Company in Laser Projector Era, like DJI in Quadcopter Drone and Huawei in Telecom area.

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