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Laser TV is not an “all day” product. Before you buy it, you should think clear these three things

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2022)

Some people always say that laser TV is not good, the brightness is too low, and there is no way to compare it with LCD TV, so buying it is a trap. In fact, such people may not even have seen a real laser TV, let alone have used it seriously for a period of time. The sales volume of laser TV has been rising. If it is really a “scam”, why do many enterprises continuously launch new products, while the sales volume is still rising? You should know that the price of laser TV is not cheap. The cheapest price is 2000 dollars. For consumers, such expensive products are not easy to place orders.

Laser TV screen as thin as a picture

Some people think that it is a local tyrant who “has a lot of money”. In fact, that is not the case. As a new large screen product, laser TV has been around for five or six years since its debut. The product gradually matures and is recognized by some consumers. You can stick to buying LCD TVs or consider buying laser TVs, but you should think about three things before buying, so that you won’t say that laser TVs are deceptive.

First, laser TV is not an “all day” product

The light resistance of laser TV can’t be compared with that of LCD TV. The effect is not very good when you use it at noon, unless you can close the curtain to block the light. Therefore, laser TV is not unsuitable for those who watch programs at home for a long time. It is more suitable for working in the daytime. People who want to experience the super large screen at night have no time to watch TV in the daytime, so they are not very sensitive to the laser TV’s anti light weakness. Therefore, before buying a laser TV, you must find out when you will be the main user of the laser TV.

LG Electronics HU715QW Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Smart Homer Theater CineBeam Projector
LG Electronics HU715QW Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Smart Homer Theater CineBeam Projector

Second, laser TV is not only larger in size, but also more suitable for new decoration

Laser TV is really a hundred inch picture, and the picture is more immersive, which everyone knows. In fact, compared with LCD TV, laser TV has good picture display ability. With 4K resolution, high color gamut and HDR support, it can support the current avant-garde display technology. More importantly, many people buy laser TV because of its novel shape, which is more suitable for their own decoration. After all, many people do not want to hang a super large and super thick LCD TV in the living room. No matter how thin the LCD TV is, it can’t compare with the anti light screen of the laser TV, can it? The thickness of the anti light screen of the laser TV is only 1cm, while the thickness of the LCD TV is generally more than 10cm!

The laser TV screen is about 10mm thick and basically mount installed close to the wall

Third, laser TV is more eye friendly and friendly to children

Only families with children know that display devices are very important for children. Children cannot avoid watching cartoons or teaching videos and staring at the LCD screen for a long time. Children’s eyes are under great pressure and are prone to myopia. The screen of the laser TV is actually the screen, and the reflective imaging is more natural and soft. The children will not be as excited when staring at it as the LCD TV. Many people buy laser TV for this advantage, so they can tolerate its weak brightness.

Does Laser TV hurt Eyes?


Therefore, laser TV is not a product of “people are stupid and have more money” type. After several years of development, it is indeed valuable to the super large screen market and has won the favor of many consumers. If you can figure out why you bought a laser TV, you won’t focus on its brightness after you have figured out the above three problems. In addition, turning on the lights at night has little impact on the laser TV. The laser TV is mainly difficult to use in the strong light at noon. If you pay special attention to this, don’t start.

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