What are the requirements for the living room where laser TV is installed?

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2022)

In the era of big screen, have you been planting grass for laser TV for a long time?

If you are renovating a new house or upgrading an old house and want to choose laser TV as the living room TV, please collect the following dry goods immediately to know what conditions the living room equipped with laser TV needs.

Width of living room, More lenient restrictions

According to the survey data, in 2021, users will pay as much attention to the TV products in the 55 inch range as 73.35%. In order to improve the immersion in watching movies, everyone will tacitly “buy big, not small” when choosing TV. This is also one of the reasons why laser TV, which can easily provide large screen viewing enjoyment, is favored by everyone.

Different Size TV in Living Room

In order to protect vision, the larger the size of the TV, the longer the comfortable viewing distance is, which objectively requires the width of the living room or the distance between the sofa and the TV wall.

But on the one hand, because of the use of diffuse reflection imaging technology, the picture of laser TV is much softer than that of flat screen TV, and the screen does not need to be powered and has no radiation; On the other hand, because the laser spectrum is narrow and the wavelength is controllable, it can actively avoid harmful blue light bands. The isolation rate of laser TV to harmful blue light below 450nm has reached 99.99%, which can effectively protect vision health.

Therefore, the viewing distance of laser TV in the same size is much closer than that of flat screen TV. The comfortable viewing distance of 100 inch laser TV is about 3 meters, and this distance is only applicable to 55 inch to 70 inch flat screen TV, so that the living room of small and medium-sized families can also comfortably have a giant screen cinema.

Laser TV doesn’t hurt the eye

TV wall design, Can be more concise

The younger generation, who are more and more advocating simple life, gradually give up the complicated and colorful design when choosing the style of TV background wall, and prefer simple and fresh style, such as suspended type, marble, direct painting of wall paint, etc.

These simple TV background walls have large blank spaces, which need a large enough TV screen to fill the space. Taking laser TV as an example, the optical screen is available in four sizes of 80 “, 90”, 100 “and 120”. The screen width starts from 1.81 meters, which can instantly fill the large blank of the TV background wall and increase the living atmosphere of the living room.

Screen Size ( 16:9)Length (cm)Width (cm)
Screen Size of Laser TV

At the same time, the laser TV screen itself does not need to be powered on, so there is no trouble with power line wiring or hidden lines, which can make the TV background wall more refreshing and clean visually.

The screen reflects the light cast by the host computer, and does not need to be equipped with a variety of optical components. The overall weight and thickness will be much smaller than flat panel TVs of the same size, and the weighing requirements for the TV background wall will be much smaller. The 100 inch and 120 inch screens can also be installed with zero seams, making the living room look more elegant, simple and have a sense of design.

TV wall design, Can be more concise

TV cabinet size, Need to be particular

Unlike flat panel TV, laser TV is composed of host computer and optical screen. The host computer can be placed on the TV cabinet or directly hoisted on the ceiling. If you choose to place the formal installation, the TV cabinet for the host needs to meet the following conditions:

  • If the TV cabinet is movable, the width of the TV cabinet should be equal to or greater than the body width of the laser TV host.
  • If the TV cabinet cannot be moved, the width of the TV cabinet should be the width of the laser TV host+the distance from the host tail to the wall. The distance from the tail of the host to the wall is related to the projection ratio of the host and the screen size. Taking a laser TV as an example, its projection ratio is 0.21:1. When it is equipped with a 100 inch screen, the distance from the tail of the host to the wall is only about 18.8cm.
  • In order to keep the visual center of the screen consistent with the position of the human eye sitting on the sofa, it is recommended that the height of the TV cabinet should not exceed 50cm.
TV cabinet size, Need to be particular

In addition, if the TV cabinet has been completed or purchased before the purchase of laser TV, it can also be assisted by the special expansion station for laser TV if the width of the TV cabinet is insufficient during the actual installation.

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