Beyond the extreme, Optoma laser TV is only for excellence

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

TV has been occupied of every family living room since the birth. But more higher requirements on TV now, ordinary TV has been very difficult to meet the users of large screen, high definition, rich colors and space saving many needs. The advent of laser TV then began to change this pattern. As the world’s leading technology brand projector, Optoma first launched the LC1 and LCT100 ultra short throw laser theater projector, has been liked since embraced by the majority of users. Last month, as an upgraded version, LC2 and LCT110 launched and will be beyond the classic. They inherit the previous generation of many advantages and also improvement in detail, will become a new generation of leaders of laser TV!


Improve the brightness, screen lucidity

The introduction of the new models LC2 and LCT110 on the basis of LC1 and LCT100, and there is a surprising brightness upgrade, will be able to cause a wave of ripples in the market. LC2 brightness up to 4000 lumens, LCT110 up to 3500 lumens high contrast with two machines, which greatly enhance the picture clarity, small details can also enjoy it. High brightness and contrast so that users do not need to consider the black cover, can be used in living room which furniture bright panorama picture, not affected by the influence of light and loss. In ensuring the output and clear picture quality, the Optoma LC2 also supports free screen applications, in order to ensure the output of lossless image color, built-in 5 kinds of wall color compensation function (White / Light Yellow / Light Blue / Pink Dark / Green), automatically adjust the display picture color according to the color of the wall, color images can compensate for the deviation of the wall color, pure color screen display.

Multiple functions, wisdom to enjoy life

Laser light source can provide a wider color gamut, to achieve a more diverse color performance. LCT110 has PQ Processor Embedded features enhanced color processing, the dark scene brightness enhancement, stereo sense, sharpness enhancement; MEMC function makes the picture more fluent and smooth, and make the film more vivid three-dimensional moving subjects; the recommendation of OS, Ali cloud TV, shopping, education, the application of the 5 intelligent music resources enjoy the wonderful life; also can be in accordance with the three kinds of ornamental preferences, adjust, brought hither to unknown moved image.


Ultra short focus projection, small space big picture

One of the advantages of laser TV compare with traditional TV is even at relatively low cost but can cast the big picture, and because of the high cost of the big screen traditional TV, most users choose laser projection TV. While the use of the cast will always produce a shadow, will greatly affect the results. Therefore, the short focal projector, small space and shadow problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. As the pioneer model of laser TV, LC2 natural not lose such advantage, the configuration of the precision ultra short focal lens, even if the 100 inch large screen projection is only about 60 cm of the projection distance (including machine).


3D Full format, enjoy the 3D stereo vision

Whether it is LC2 or LCT110, are supporting the 3D Full format, you can connect 3D Blu ray machine to achieve 1080P 3D signal input, do not need to prepare other signal converter can be achieved 3D projection, so you can easily enjoy the 3D horizon!

LC2 and LCT110 as the representative of the laser TV, free screen era, wonderful triggered at any moment. Whether it is the living room or sitting at leisure, lazy and comfortable bedroom, small LC2 and LCT110 is your good choice, the warmth of the room with your own Ambilight, create their own private space the one and only entertainment, enjoy the laser theater. LC2 and LCT110 innovation, is bound to cause widespread concern in the market!

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