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LG’s first 1080p ultra short throw LED projector to change the world: PF1000U

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

LG launched three Minibea series projector in CES the end of 2015, all equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the PF1000U projector can away from the wall or screen only 15 inches (38 cm) where you can project a 100 inch image, very easy to use.

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According to reports, the introduction of a total of PH550, PF1000U and PF1500 three products. The PH550 size is small and without any connection line, is the first equipped with three level wireless connection function of the projector. The user can send the content of the intelligent mobile phone or tablet to the projector through the Share Screen which can enable the Wi-Fi mirror function, and can realize the wireless connection of the sound box through the Bluetooth function. Built in rechargeable battery, can be used continuously for 2.5 hours without the need to connect the power supply socket. Currently commercially available projectors which did not have such a high level of connectivity and freedom. The size of PH550 is less than half the standard A4 paper, easy to carry.

LG PH550
LG PH550

PF1500 will be able to ascend to the amazing brightness of 1400 lumens, the highest brightness LG all Minibeam projector models.

LG PF1500
LG PF1500

PF1000U can be only 15 inches (38 cm) of the place in the wall or screen will be able to project a 100 inch image.  As long as the 11 cm projection distance can be projected out of the 60 inch screen. The viewer does not need to make a large space for the projector, and there is no need to worry that someone will come to the beam of light. The size of PF1000U is only 1/4 of the mainstream ultra short focus (UST) projector (13.2 x 11.4 x 28.2 cm), less than 1/5 of the weight of, is the world’s first weight less than 2 kg of UST projector (1.81kg).

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In addition to Full HD compact, brightness of PF1000U staggering 1000 lumens, and the energy consumption is only 1/3 of the competing models.Whether the slideshow presentation or cinematic viewing experience, the PF1000U models of the brightness up to 1000 lumens. In addition, PF1000U operating noise in environmental models can be as low as 21 db. Under these advantages blessing, the models become the UST projector is currently the world’s most advanced. The design of PF1000U has win the reddot award 2016.


In fact, the shape of PF1000U similar with the previously released FP1500, but in the past to join into the mirrors, reflecting ultra short focal, perhaps because the reflection way so the brightness from 1500 lumens down to 1000 lumens, but with the four angle trapezoidal distortion correction function (edge adjustment).


For save the cost, PF1000U does not use laser light, but LED light source. With LED source should be clear that the “replacement projector bulb” this thing is the past tense. The light source provides the official nominal LED up to 1000 lumens, and the life of 30000 hours. Power consumption, the maximum power consumption is 100W, standby power consumption is only 5W.

Suggestion: need a screen curtain to get more brightness. Otherwise if the surround is to be too bright and the wall is not so smooth… Ultra short throw projector has much higher screen quality of the screen than normal home theater projector.

PF1000U perfect support for their Smart TV function, so a lot of preloaded video streaming media and social networking applications, including Netflix, VuDu, Hulu Plus, MLBTV, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter, the built-in LG app store for projection design, to meet the more entertainment needs. And the projector is integrated with DTV tuner, support TV terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T) and cable TV (DVB-C), which means you can access cable TV to watch ordinary TV programs.


At the same time, PF1000U supports play insert U disk or audio and video files from DLNA home network, you can connect to your mobile phone or tablet via wireless network by using the intelligent  technology of Miracast , playback device on the content, or the use of the Intel WiDi wireless display technology to projected PC content onto the screen. In addition, although the PF1000U has an internal speaker, but the user can also use a cable or wireless Bluetooth wireless audio transmission to the external speaker.


Some words from the customer:

“As far as the picture quality, I have this up against my normal white wall and there is no direct ambient light but light comes through the window and I have to say, the picture is pretty good. Again, I have some natural light coming in through my window and I can still definitely see the picture. When I turn off the light, it’s even better. I want to see what it looks like in complete darkness and I’ll update as I go along.”

“After comparing this to the Philips Ultra Short Throw LED projector, I decided to order this one, and I’ve been satisfied with it, but there are some caveats that you should consider before buying any Ultra Short Throw projector. (I decided against the Philips model even though it came with better speakers, because the Philips Ultra Short Throw projector is reputed to have unacceptably low picture quality.)”


Overall, or quite satisfactory, after all, to solve the uncomfortable problem of the people Eyes to watch TV, there is a big picture, the parameters are the best at this price. It is still relatively less fo the ultra short throw home projector, perhaps a few years will emerge more products, now it is the best!





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