What is the Advantage of Laser TV?

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2022)

Laser TV technology is a new color TV display technology in 1990s. It has more advantages than other display technology because of the characteristics of laser:

Laser Display Color Gamut
Laser Display Color Gamut
laser tv projector color
laser tv projector color

(1) super large screen, high brightness;
(2) wide color gamut, highly saturated colors, to achieve the best color conversion. The color gamut is a reflection of the size of the set of colors that can be included in the color system. Display equipment, the wider color gamut, the more colors can be displayed, the more vivid picture. Display device gamut can intuitively reflect in formulated by the International Commission on illumination CIE1931 chromaticity diagram, citing primary colors surrounded a polygon. As shown in the figure shows a wide color gamut display device – laser display system and the current video field of the standard color gamut ITU-RBT.709/SRGB. Because they are using three primary system, so the two color gamut for triangle. Figure in the area covered by the spectral curves for the tongue of the outermost said visible nature of all colors, can see intuitively, standard color gamut color range is quite narrow, wide color gamut display equipment has the color advantage compare with the traditional display device. The color gamut coverage rate of the PAL standard is about 33.2%, and the color gamut of the laser display device is about 1.9 times. Traditional LCD TV can show 62% color which can be seen by human, but laser display  more than 90%!

color gamut
(3) has infinite depth of focus, to achieve high resolution, can be in different materials (water curtain, curtain of fog, and screen) and a display surface with arbitrary shape, whether laser at any angle irradiation screen, there is no distortion.
(4) high contrast (up to 150000:1);
(5) the optical fiber guiding light, the multi-channel projection and the satellite distribution, the light source can be separated from the projection head, and the operation is convenient. Therefore, it is one of the most promising technologies to achieve large screen, high definition display, laser projection television is a powerful competitor in twenty-first Century TV market.

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