UO Smart Beam Laser, the Smallest Laser Projector, 2016 CES Award Winner

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2016)

In the mobile world congress held last year (MWC), South Korea SK Telecom bring a variety of intelligent life products show on the exhibition, a new “smart home platform”, can control a variety of household devices through the APP . One pocket projector, hold in hand, the micro projector UO Smart Beam Laser, 2.2 inches square, the weight is only 129 g, the Smallest Laser Projector will be attracted to everyone.


UO micro projector using LCOS laser projection technology, 720P HD resolution, screen brightness of 60 lumens (maxiam 100 lumens), the size is only 2.2 “x 2.2” x 2.2 “(about 5.6CM), is the smallest micro projector. Projector built in speakers, support for small meetings, portable KTV, dormitories, travel to see the film at any time simply.


Distortion of the high definition: do not worry about the cumbersome via manual focus, UO micro projector using laser diode, clear light, low divergence. Can provide free focus (focus-free) HD resolution video output (720P), play video slide anywhere, without losing focus.


The source of energy saving and environmental protection: because the laser is excited light, conversion ratio is more than 4 times of LED photoelectric , energy saving and environmental protection, and solid laser imaging, image quality more pure white, long time watching eyes will not feel tired.


Battery life: the projector built-in 4200mAh lithium battery, support 2 hours projection, no external power supply, one time charge to see a movie.


Good Compatibility: the video input of the projector uses Micro  HDMI (support MHL) connection, and supports the wifi wireless connection of smart phones, laptops, tablet PCs or other mobile devices. (on the right side is the HDMI input interface and the switch, the left side is the USB Micro interface.)


Safety: The team behind the creation of UO Smart Beam Laser invented a highly-advanced laser technology that is completely safe to human eye. The Class 1 Laser used in the projector is registered with FDA.


Only one flaw: 60~100 Lumens is not enough if the room is a little bright, can not compare with professional home theater projector. But it is really easy to use, and carry with you everywhere, and can projection to any surface. Later on, KT will launch a new product which will support 200 Lumens, but maybe the price is a little higher.

Don’t wait, you can buy it now at amazon.com:

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