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Best Mini Home Projectors 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

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“The higher brightness, the better”, but is that really the case? When the brightness is too high, the dynamic contrast is likely to be lower, and the pure black and bright colors will be reduced to the display effect. Light color will be more clear in the dark display area. For business education projection and engineering projection, the loss of these details is acceptable, but for a home theater projector, it is losed more than gain. So how much brightness is the right thing to do for a home projector?

Now that we are using the projector to get close to the display effect of the movie theater, we can directly refer to the “Brightness” standard of the movie theater. The recommendation of SMPTE (American animation and Television Engineering Association) is 12 ~ 16fL (foot Lambert) and fL is the luminance unit. Luminance can also be understood as the “photometric” emitted by each square meter. It represents the meaning of the best picture that the cinema needs to maintain while playing a movie, like a cinema without an external light source. This is the value that SMPTE has been used by scientific research and accepted by global cinema. In short, this range is a moderate standard for the whole dark environment. When the screen brightness is over, it will not make the eyes comfortable. When the screen brightness is less than 12 fL, the picture will be too dark and it will look dull.

But in the family environment, it is obvious that the whole dark environment is impossible, and will not always watch movies. Therefore, the brightness of the screen should be higher than that of the movie theater. In the hope of experience, at least 16fL ~ 24fL level is more suitable for the home theater. This is the first and most important standard for home theater.

With 100inch as a projection standard, how many ANSI lumens are 24fL?
Screen area calculation 100 “(diagonal) =86” X 48 “=28.64 square foot,
then 24 x 28.64 = 688 ANSI Lumens. It is means the brightness of home projector should be more than 700 ANSI Lumens!!

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