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Inovel or JmGO, Who is the Best Laser Projection TV?

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

The Laser projector is a new and high level home theater product recently. Most of them are very expensive, such as sony, LG, Hisense. Now there are three brands look like cost effective. They are JmGO, Inovel and Xiaomi Mijia. Who is the entry level best laser projection TV?

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Xiaomi Mijia is the cheapest laser projection TV which price is only half of JmGO S1 and Inovel VH700. But the brightness and contract ratio is a little weak. For the performance, JmGO S1 Pro and Inovel VH700 is similar, and suitable for common home theater. Today we just talk about JmGO S1 and Inovel VH700.

JmGo S1 Pro - gearbest

Housing Design

Inovel VH700:★★★★★☆

JmGO S1             :★★★★★★

The first impression is very important for the appearance of the product, two machines showed great difference in appearance. At first glance, Inovel VH700 tend to calm the business style, used the traditional home appliance, the square shape, like the DVD or power amplifier, but has more technology sense than the traditional home appliance.

Invoel VH700 1

The JmGO S1 shows a fashion, and the prototype of the JmGO S1 is “fish”. The shape looks very subversive. It is said that the designer of this shape has won the red dot award. Maybe young people will love S1 this “offbeat” shape, and mature middle-aged men will be more inclined to Inovel VH700.

jmgo s1 1

Appearance Detail

Inovel VH700:★★★★☆☆

JmGO S1             :★★★★★☆

Inovel has very strong metal sense, especially on both sides of the border, using aircraft grade aluminum alloy thickness up to 10mm, after multiple processes carving, gives a very thick feeling. On both sides of the fuselage is a large area of metal mesh, is very conducive to the cooling machine. Front panel machine is made of organic glass, compare to Inovel V8 reduced the liquid crystal display window. In front of the rotation is a composite function key is rotated to adjust the volume, press the power switch is at the same time, the state signal knob LED lamp or machine display. Machine cover for light metal matte material, but this process is too simple, the machine level is not high, so in the appearance of the details, some slightly inferior of Inovel.

Inovel vh700 2

The appearance of the structure of JmGO S1 is more complex, the fusion of carbon fiber, metal, plastic and other materials. It is very special for processing S1 metal parts, especially the drawing of the front panel, the machine looks is very high level. It is slightly problem which the processing technology of carbon fiber on the seal cover, very easy to stick the fingerprint, but because the machine is not be touched after installed in place, so it can be ignored.

jmgo s1 2

Host Parameter

Inovel VH700:★★★★★☆

JmGO S1            :★★★★☆☆

The dimensional of Inovel VH700 is 480mm X 364mm X 137mm, the whole weight of 8KG. And JmGO S1 measurements for size is 680mm X 370mm X 140mm, weight 13KG. I prefer Inovel,  for dimensional smaller and lighter than the JmGO.  Of course, the quality of light is possible because the Inovel use the external speaker design. Inovel external stereo, the advantage is that the sound quality is better, the disadvantage is inconvenient; JmGO S1 built-in audio, the effect is a little bit worse, but the most obvious advantage is convenience.

inovel and jmgo 3


Inovel VH700:★★★★★☆

JmGO S1            :★★★★★☆

In the design of the interface, Inovel VH700 has the obvious number advantages to Jmgo S1. The main interface of two machines are placed in the back, convenient connection. The interface on the Inovel is a little low than JmGO, not convenient to connection as JmGO S1. But Inovel has absolute advantages in the richness of interfaces, such as VGA interface, color difference interface and so on.

inovel and jmgo 4

Do a humane, two machines are placed the USB interface on the side, relatively JmGO S1 in position arrangement is convenient. At the same time, S1 hidden the power button in the side of the body.

inovel and jmgo 2

Laser Performance

Inovel VH700:★★★★★★

JmGO S1             :★★★★★☆

As the laser TV, laser is certainly the most core part, then we will compare the core hardware configuration. The participation of relevant officials, and then the actual effect can be compared. Inovel VH700 brightness high than JmGO S1 more than 500 lumens in the national standard, up to 3500 ANSI lumens. And other Laser parameters are similar.  The standard resolution are 1920*1080, contrast to 20001-50000:1, DLP display technology, the life of the light bulb is more than 20 thousand hours. Long life of light bulbs is also an important reason for me to choose laser products this time.

Inovel VH700 JmGO S1
Maxiam Projection Size (“) 80~300 40~300
Standard Projection Size 100 90~120
Brightness (ANSI Lumens) 3500 3000
Standard Resolution 1920 * 1080 1920 * 1080
Maxiam Resolution 4K 4K
Contrast  Ratio 20001~50000 : 1 50000 : 1
Light Source Laser Laser
Display Tech DLP DLP

Tips: Xiaomi Mijia Laser TV Brightness is 1200 ANSI Lumens.

Projection Throw Distance

Inovel VH700:★★★★★★

JmGO S1            :★★★★★★

Through the parameter, the projection throw distance ratio is 0.24:1 of Inovel, It means only 24 cm can cast a 100 inch screen, and the projection ratio of JmGO S1 for 0.25:1, the theory requires 25cm to project a 100 inch. We still see the actual, measured when I do not vote 100 inch, here the projection of the same size as the standard size of the painting, the same picture, JmGO S1 from the nearest wall is 21cm, Inovel’s closest to the wall distance is 22cm, the shortest distance from the wall, JmGO S1 a slight advantage, but the center position of the laser head to the wall distance is the same. So this part of the two machines can be considered.

inovel vh700 4

jmgo s1 4

Daytime Projection Effect

Inovel VH700:★★★★★★

JmGO S1            :★★★★★☆

Home projection products are dead in the daytime light. These two products as a substitute for television, what effect have during the day?  Both threw a 100 inch big screen, the two products have shown that the effect is good at the day not to pull the curtain, see no problem. Because the Inovel has 500 lumens more than JmGO, so in the display effect can be better. But this advantage is very small, if not together contrast, more difficult to perceive, two products are viewable in the daytime.

inovel vh700 5

jmgo s1 5

Projection Detail

Inovel VH700:★★★★★☆

JmGO S1             :★★★☆☆☆

During the day can be normal viewing is the basic conditions, there is no gap in detail of the two products ? The first show under the projection effect of white walls, on the left is Inovel VH700 , the right is JmGO S1. At the first look at the comparison, I believe everyone will feel the right side of the picture is obviously better than that in the left, because the right is bright and transparent. But I think this is the beginning, if you compare the original, will found that we are wrong! The reduction effect of the original image is obviously better of Inovel VH700, JmGO S1 figure is low in contrast, heavy color rendering.

inovel and jmgo 5

Then comparing the color projection, this time changed to anti light screen, after all two products have anti light screen set. In the comparative figures showed an obvious Inovel advantage, warm color is quite reduction full, JmGO S1 overall quality cool, in the picture detail, JmGO S1 obvious loss more, the original image can be seen, the main figure background is slightly dark red, Inovel reduced a little pink, the JmGO S1 directly into white.

inovel and jmgo 6

inovel and jmgo 7

Then look at the third contrast map, the original car body is yellow, the Inovel VH700 color is close to the original picture, but JmGO S1 appeared relatively large deviation, the car became orange.

inovel and jmgo 9

inovel and jmgo 8

Remote Controller

Inovel VH700:★★☆☆☆☆

JmGO S1            :★★★☆☆☆

The remote controller is the most frequently used tools, two on the remote control shows great differences. First in appearance, JmGO S1 looks much better than Inovel. JmGO using a metal shell, looks very tall.

inovel and jmgo 10

JmGO S1 using ergonomic design on remote control, coupled with the weight of the metal shell, so that the remote control handle is more prominent, and because the use of rechargeable design, reducing the user’s later use cost. Inovel is used in two dimensional home 7 batteries, the overall feel lighter in appearance design of the remote control, significantly not better than the grade of JmGO.

inovel and jmgo 11

The second point of the JmGO remote controller, has the innovative touch pad design, it is a very scientific and technological function.

inovel and jmgo 12


Inovel VH700:★★★★★★

JmGO S1            :★★★★★☆

Which is well known that projection products produce large amounts of heat, so fans need to be used to dissipate heat. But the fan will make noise during the rotation. What effect will the two products have on noise control? If only by ear, feeling slightly larger noise of JmGO S1, JmGO has 10 stalls brightness adjustment, if change the brightness to 6 stalls , the noise of the two machine is almost the same size, but then the JmGO S1 has a small discount in brightness and color. The two machines are transferred to the maximum brightness of air outlet of two products for noise measurement, JmGO S1 noise level reached 46dB, Inovel at 34dB, peaked at 39dB. Found by testing, JmGO S1 in noise control is a little poor than Inovel, but it is still acceptable of the range of JmGO S1 noise, turn up the volume slightly larger, can not hear the voice of the fan.

inovel and jmgo 14

inovel and jmgo 13

Power Dissipation

Inovel VH700:★★★★★☆

JmGO S1            :★★★★★☆

The power dissipation of laser TV depends mainly on the following aspects: laser power and circuit design. From the view of Inovel VH700 reached 3500 lumens, should be larger than JmGO in the theoretical power consumption. But I found that the Inovel power consumption even better than JmGO S1 in actual measurement. The two machines are transferred to the highest brightness, playing the same local vedio sources, record data show that JmGO S1 is  278W , higher than Inovel which only 234W, maybe have a great relationship with the external speaker of Inovel.

inovel and jmgo 16

In addition to real-time power consumption, standby power consumption is also more important, the living room appliances are basically in standby when not in use, I think most of the users will not turn off hardware power. Measured two machines standby power is relatively small, JmGO S1 is 0.32W, Inovel is only 0.34W.

inovel and jmgo 15

Boot speed

Inovel VH700:★★★★★☆

JmGO S1            :★★★★★☆

The boot speed is a very important facter for user to care about. Now many brands of TV will insert more than 10 seconds of advertising in the boot of commodity implantation, this is quite offensive to the user. JmGO and Inovel do better in this respect  with no ads. Press the power button to start the JmGO S1 from the selected users with 29.2 seconds of landing interface, Inovel emerged from the power supply to the press the home interface for 30.8 seconds. It is similar.

inovel and jmgo 17


Inovel VH700 JmGO S1
Housing Design ★★★★★☆ ★★★★★★
Appearance Detail ★★★★☆☆ ★★★★★☆
Host Parameter ★★★★★☆ ★★★★☆☆
Interface ★★★★★☆ ★★★★★☆
Laser Performance ★★★★★★ ★★★★★☆
Projection Throw Distance ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★
Daytime Projection Effect ★★★★★★ ★★★★★☆
Projection Detail ★★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆☆
Remote Controller ★★☆☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆☆
Noise ★★★★★★ ★★★★★☆
Power Dissipation ★★★★★☆ ★★★★★☆
Boot speed ★★★★★☆ ★★★★★☆
Total 60 57

The total score of the two products is similar, and Inovel has a little advantage. The power of laser and brightness of projection is the advantage of Inovel, but design is better of JmGO. And JmGO has built-in Audio speaker, maybe someone will like it for easy to use.

There are similar price and closed performance, which one is the best laser projection TV? Young people will select JmGO S1 or S1 Pro, but mature and business man will select Inovel VH700.

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