XiaoMI Release 4K Laser TV, Leading the 4K Era

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2019)

On January 14 2019, XiaoMI launched the 4K version of Mijia Laser Projection Television, which has the same projection ratio of 0.233:1 as the previous version, and can project 100-inch huge picture in only 50 cm distance.

1500 ANSI Lumen Picture Brightness, with MIUI TV system, a large number of film sources, easy to operate, but also through the built-in AI voice system to control playback and even operate other Mijia smart devices in the home. Mijia Laser Projection Television 4K, as its name implies, has been upgraded to 4K resolution, reflecting more delicate picture details in the huge picture, and further improving the performance-price ratio with similar price level.

4K Resolution Visual Feast

Projection products are not limited by traditional TV technology, affordable prices can also see super-large screen, to meet the needs of consumers for large screen, and when the screen becomes larger and larger, the improvement of resolution becomes more and more important. As the name implies, Mijia Laser Projection TV 4K upgraded to 4K screen resolution, the same picture contains 4 times as the 1080P resolution. Information, the picture is more delicate, showing more details. At the same time, Mijia Laser Projection Television still uses ALPD 3.0 cinema-level laser light source technology, the original contrast can reach 3000:1, and supports HDR 10 technology. On the basis of delicate pictures, it can show more details of the bright and dark parts of the picture, whether watching movies or playing games, and get better visual effects.

1080p and 4K 2

Ultra-Short Focus Lens, Big Screen Breaking Through Distance Limit

Mijia Laser Projection Television 4K still uses 0.233:1 large depth of field and ultra-short focus lens design. The fuselage can project 100-inch super-large picture only 24 cm away from the wall. The distance of 50 cm can project 150-inch huge screen, almost filling a wall, and it does not need to be placed as long distance as traditional short focus projection. It is difficult to walk, so it can be put on the TV cabinet without the trouble of wiring.

Mijia laser projection TV 4K, brightness 1500 ANSI lumen, in actual use, even if not equipped with special curtain projection on the white wall can obtain good picture effect. The service life of the light source is over 25,000 hours. If it is used for 4 hours a day, it can be used for about 17 years.

Specialized Custom Bose Audio, Dolby Virtual Surround

Mijia Laser Projection Television 4K adopts a high fidelity audio system specially designed and developed, which combines dual full-frequency and dual high-frequency which belong to Bose. It brings broader stereo sound effect and supports Dolby and DTS decoding. Powerful Dolby virtual surround and voice enhancement technology, let people completely immerse in the three-dimensional sound surround, have a better viewing experience.

Compact Fully Customized Hardware system, Easy to Place

Mijia Laser Projection Television 4K is a fully customized modular hardware system with compact structure and compact shape. The shell is made of sandblasted PC without fingerprints. The size of the fuselage is only 410 mm x 291 mm x 88 mm. It can be easily lowered on the TV cabinet. With a wall, it can become a giant curtain family cinema. In such a small volume, Mijia Laser Projection TV 4K designed a dedicated air outlet channel, which can quickly send heat out of the fuselage, maintain stable operation and improve the service life of the machine. Mijia Laser Projection Television 4K is still equipped with two anti-direct-vision sensors, which can avoid visual impairment caused by children’s direct-vision light source. In addition, the principle of diffuse reflection imaging of projection, the picture is bright and soft and not dazzling. It is very suitable for children to watch TV, so that families can enjoy the experience of watching large-screen movies at home.


Mijia Laser Projection Television 4K has great upgrade from the old version, which support 4K resolution and more HiFi Audio system. The most important factor, it is cheaper as before.

But the brightness of light is same as the old one, it is very regret. As the same, Mijia Laser TV is produced by Appotronics, which is the leading laser projection technology company.

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