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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2019)

VAVA Laser TV Home Theatre Projector hot sale in global market, one of the best seller in The main features:

  • Ultra Short Throw: Cast a 100” sized image from only 7.2” away from the wall. Adjust projection between 80”-150” and enjoy a massive cinematic experience at home.
  • 4K Resolution with HDR10: Feast your eyes on awe-inspiring visuals with deeper colors, higher contrast, fuller saturation, and sharper imagery. 3000:1 native contrast far exceeds the standard 2000:1 native contrast in movie theaters.
  • Laser: Industrial grade 25,000 hour lamp life means you can enjoy the projector up to 4 hours a day for the next 17 years. Never replace projector bulbs again.
  • ALPD 3.0: Patented state of the art technology doubles light efficiency of standard projectors and is used in over 17,000 laser theaters worldwide.
  • Integrated Harman Kardon Soundbar: High-fidelity sound powered by two 30W drivers, dts-HD, and Dolby Audio.

Here list some UI of VAVA laser TV, which you maybe not easy to get from other websites:

Main Color UI of VAVA Laser TV Home Theater Projector
Boot Guide of VAVA Laser TV Home Theater Projector
Home page of VAVA Laser TV Home Theater Projector
Setting Page of VAVA Laser TV Home Theater Projector
Setting Page 2 of VAVA Laser TV Home Theater Projector
Other Pages of VAVA Laser TV Home Theater Projector

The latest review from the customer:

“First, let me say… I always appreciate when people take their time to write a review about a product I want to buy so now it’s my turn to leave a review. I hope this will be enough to give you full confidence about this projector, even though I’ve only had it for one day so far.

First, I had the new $3,299 Optoma P1 CinemaX ultra short throw projector right before this, and I have to say… the image on this VAVA blows the Optoma out of the water! I’m still shocked! I had high hopes for the Optoma and thought it would be my projector for the next 4+ years but returned it and prefer this VAVA! It is brighter (6,000 lumens instead of 3,000——Not right, VAVA is not brighter than Optoma P1, but similar, even a little lower. lumens is not same as ansi lumens.–from the editor) and the picture just looks better even though they are comparable. I still have to test this unit to see if it has color banding like the Optoma had when looking at a scene with a blue or blown out sky. The color banding was pretty damn bad on the Optoma. I was surprised. I like that the Optoma is black whereas this projector is white but not a deal breaker. What I liked better about the Optoma was that I could focus the picture while watching a movie where you can’t do that with the VAVA from what I can tell. You have to go into the settings tab to fix the focus. Not a deal breaker either.

Anyway, this is my initial review. I will update it once I play with it some more. So in a nutshell, this projector is WAY better than I expected and looks like a $5,000+ projector in terms of image output. I highly recommend it! Please note, I I noticed one con and that was that this projector completely froze on me when I was trying to focus the lens the first time so I had to force restart the unit. It didn’t freeze the second time so that’s good. Maybe it was a one-off fluke. I hope this won’t crash regularly in the future. I had way more issues with the Optoma by the way. I bet they rushed production on that so I say avoid Optoma P1 for now and save $1,000 by buying this one.

Please note, I’m a regular customer. No one paid me or asked me to review this projector. This is straight from my own opinion. Buy one!!!

UPDATE: Still impressed with this bad boy! Day time viewing with blinds open are good too! (I only have 2 smaller windows) I am including new photos to show you guys. I dont think ANY projector will match this quality at this price. I’m convinced now. However, I don’t know how reliable it will be in the long run. Time will tell. “

The above review is come from really customer who be very satisfy with VAVA Laser TV.

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