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Top Home Theater, Starting with Laser TV

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2019)

Although the use of home projector is very common, there are different choices in different application scenarios. Today, let’s talk about ultra short focus laser TV!

In the traditional concept of decoration, the treasure of the living room is the TV set, but with the improvement of life pursuit, gradually began to like the effect of the large screen cinema brought by the projector. Immerse yourself in a large screen and stereo So began a week-long living room renovation plan! First look at a group of living room to transform into a home theater before and after the contrast.

Before: TV cabinet 180cm, TV 50 “
Now : TV cabinet 180cm, Laser TV 100 “

Why Laser TV

When I went to the country bar in March this year, as an entertainment project, I experienced a night of watching a projection movie in the canteen. Projector is not advanced, but with a large screen, with a bass speaker. Although I only watch the ordinary drama “Fog”, the effect is very shocking. Because of the large size of the country bar living room, all the equipment in the evening is simply connected and put into the warehouse in the morning.

But the projection of home decoration is not the same after all, unless a special video room is opened, otherwise, if you want to install the projection in the living room, you have to consider the wiring and other issues before decoration, and the light source in the living room is not suitable for the traditional projector, which is easy to turn white. When decorating, I didn’t pay special attention to the projection, so I didn’t specially wire it, leaving a large white wall.

It’s too ugly to hang. We need separate screen and power supply
The curtain is ugly, with power supply and ceiling hidden

However, the appearance of ultra short focus projection (laser TV) does not disturb the wiring problem.

The whole set of video and audio system includes: laser ultra short focus projector + 1 black screen with anti light function, the color value is also equivalent to the TV with ultra narrow frame, and the visual deterrent is very strong.

The anti light black screen itself has a gradual visual effect in the natural light, which looks like a pair of ink painting in the distance. It is because of its existence that using laser TV in the living room during the day can also restore the visual experience to the greatest extent.

At the same time, the traditional projector bulb has a service life, which is usually about 3000 hours. After using for a period of time, its brightness will obviously decline, and the quality of the projection image will also decline, not only the image becomes unclear, but also the color performance is greatly different. A replacement bulb is usually around $200.

This kind of short-range projector, using more advanced laser as light source, has a service life of more than 20,000 hours, and almost no need to replace consumables in the service cycle.

For the above reasons, I want to see the short focus projector on the market. And BenQ is chosen because of its reputation in the industry.

The i950L laser TV comes with its own matching screen and speaker, which saves the trouble of matching and after-sales service. The speaker effect is OK, the bass has a sense of vibration, and there is already a sense of vision in the cinema. If there are higher requirements, you can upgrade and replace accessories by yourself.

What is the performance of laser TV

In the daytime, when the light is sufficient, the brightness and reduction of the color are normal on the anti light screen.

PS4 FIFA screen projection, external HDMI

But at night, the 100 inch shock is really unparalleled. The large screen can do whatever you want, which is equivalent to four 50 inch TVs. The brightness of the color kills any other brand projectors I have evaluated.

So now the biggest happy moment every night is two people snuggling together to watch movies or play games. Meet the ultimate dream of two people’s world.

Xbox 1080p screen projection, external HDMI

You can come to a private movie and enjoy the double sensory stimulation of the big screen cinema, surround sound and subwoofer.

Can hand in hand side by side to have a double game war.

Even if they are pig teammates, the quality of the giant screen is really excellent!

Here’s an episode: recommend some of the hottest doubles games at the moment: Mario racing (about to launch Mario tennis), and you cut me and break up the kitchen. (HA HA)

Switch Mario racing screen, external HDMI
Switch legend of Zelda, external HDMI

In general, the amazing restoration of laser TV in color expression better than thousands of evaluation projectors.
Moreover, the laser TV has its own TV box. It’s easy to watch apps without pressure. It’s also a matter of minutes to connect HDMI.

How to choose projector vs TV?

Although all kinds of parameters of the projector can not be compared with the TV of the same price, but a 100 inch TV costs 50,000 dollars less. In order to have a large screen, the projector is much cheaper than the LCD TV. Among the projectors, because the selling point of the projector is ultra short focus, there is no need for wiring and later transformation, only the normal TV cabinet is needed.

The end
Home has always been a container of happiness
How hard it is for this container
Make up your mind when decorating
Every item needs to meet its biggest expectation
It’s a happy life to be surrounded by things you love everyday!

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