Three Conjectures About Laser TV in CES2020

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2020)

The continuous exploration of higher image quality is the main focus of TV product competition. Among them, the most important thing is that the manufacturer’s control of high-tech display technology and the improvement of the manufacturer’s technical strength can make the product’s image quality better, bring better visual enjoyment to consumers, make the product stand on a higher stage and make the brand more influential.

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In the camp of Chinese TV manufacturers, Hisense is absolutely popular if we want to say that the technical strength is superior to others. Hisense has completed the strategic goal of marching into the high-end market in 2019. In 2019, Hisense achieved the comprehensive coverage of three mainstream display technologies, namely Laser TV, ULED and OLED, for the first time in the world. This is an absolute feat in the world display technology area.

Living room entertainment experience great: new conjecture brought by laser TV

With absolute control over laser TV products, Hisense is even in the leading position in the world, from the upstream production and R & D link to product sales. In fact, the laser TV did not disappoint Hisense. Since 2016, during the period of the rise of large screen entertainment, with the unique advantages of large screen + high brightness + eye protection, the sales volume of laser TV products has repeatedly increased exponentially, which also increased Hisense’s confidence in such products.

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Hisense Laser TV

Of course, from the perspective of technology universality, Hisense’s decision is undoubtedly wise. With the upgrading of consumption concept, the demand of consumers for large screen visual experience is also growing. The living room entertainment environment around the multimedia center of TV is exactly where laser TV is going. In ces2020, what new laser TV products will Hisense bring to us this year? Let’s guess.

Guess I, 75 inch tricolor laser, complete laser TV product line

Hisense 75inch tri-color Laser TV L9s

75L9s is the star new product of Hisense laser TV, which further complements Hisense laser TV product group. In the Hisense press conference in 2019, Hisense officials mentioned more than once that “consumers need smaller size laser TV”, and ces2020 is a good time for this product to stand on the world stage.

Guess 2: Curly screen laser TV saves more space

In terms of technical characteristics, the imaging principle of laser TV also gives it more morphological possibilities. The application of ultra short focus laser technology brings higher brightness to the picture, but also breaks through the shackles of the traditional projection technology light source and distance. So, in order to further increase the utilization of space, it may be a good choice to start from the screen shape.

Laser TV products benefit from “Fresnel passive bionic screen”, so the brightness of the screen can be further improved. At the same time, the principle of diffuse reflection can also bring better viewing comfort. In consideration of space utilization, a more plastic screen can make consumers more fully weaken the sense of scene existence of laser TV. At the same time, numerous fans of laser TV are looking forward to another possibility that belongs to laser TV only.

Guess 3. Experience of synchronized sound and painting, on-screen voice laser TV

The same is the screen remodeling, we might as well more bold guess, whether laser TV will appear as OLED general “screen sound” technology?

OLED, with its simple physical structure, can realize the “coquettish operation” of screen or sound. We have seen this on the 65 inch a8V of OLED TV, which is also owned by Hisense. The sound field on screen can bring the experience of simultaneous sound and painting, while the LCD technology can’t realize the application of this kind of technology. The LCD panel that relies on the flipped image of LCD body will dry under direct vibration Disturbing imaging process. So what other technology can achieve the screen sound technology? The answer, of course, is laser television.

The screen of laser TV is “passive”, so the sound wave for this screen can be said to be completely undisturbed, so the screen of laser TV itself has the innate advantage of screen sound.

Looking forward to the announcement! Ces2020 laser TV deserves attention.

As we mentioned earlier, 75 inch laser TV is to meet the needs of the market and consumers, and curly screen and screen sound laser TV is a natural evolution of the technical level. We think that the above products will probably meet us in ces2020, and the performance of laser TV in 2020, the first battle of ces2020, is definitely worth further attention.

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