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Optoma 4K UHD60 Projector Review: Best Wide Color Gamut with High Brightness

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2019)

Projectors are also gradually entering people’s lives. Today, I would like to share the latest evaluation of Optoma UHD60 projectors. The price is less than 2000 US dollars. Interested friends can learn about it together.

Ti finally launched 0.66 inch 4K DLP chip to define 4K projection

The TI 0.66 inch 4K DLP chip contains about 4 million microlenses, but the number of pixels in 4K UHD resolution (3840 × 2160) is about 8.3 million. Using this DLP chip, we call it “true 4K” output. Because the switching speed of the chip is as high as 9000 times per second, each microlens can generate two independent pixels on the projection image at the same time, and output true 4K resolution. Therefore, compared with the 4K enhancement, E-shift and other technologies used by other companies in the past, the 4K picture produced by TI 0.66 inch 4K DLP chip is more “real”, and the projector using TI 0.66 inch 4K DLP chip is also recognized by the CTA (consumer Technology Association) as 4K Ultra HD resolution.

It adopts TI 0.66 inch 4K DLP chip to provide 4K UHD output resolution.

In addition to being compatible with 4K UHD input, 4K / 60p and HDR images are also supported.

Multifunctional input or output design

In addition to 4K video output, Optoma UHD60 also has a built-in speaker with output power of 2 × 4W, which can output sound from HDMI or input audio through 3.5mm audio in. The body is equipped with 3.5mm and optical fiber audio output, which can be connected with other music playing systems. UHD60 can not only be used as a 4K projector for viewing. In recent years, many games require 4K resolution. The uhd60 direct connect game console outputs both video and sound at the same time, making the connection easier and more convenient.

The output power of the built-in loudspeaker is up to 2 × 4W, and also has audio input and output interfaces.
The built-in speaker sound output can be turned on / off on the settings menu.

+15% more flexible lens moving and positioning

In addition to the built-in horn, the lens is equipped with a 1.6x manual zoom design, with a projection ratio of 1.39 – 2.22:1. The projection distance to put a 100 inch picture is about 3.1 to 4.9 meters. For the entry-level DLP projector, it is a medium and short focus design, plus + 15% lens shift lens movement design, which makes the projector more flexible in positioning and installation. In addition, the zoom and lens movement button are hidden in the top cover, which makes the fuselage look more concise and won’t let others change the lens settings at will.

The lens movement and zoom settings are placed on the top of the projector.

Zoom and lens movement button are hidden in the top cover, and the fuselage looks more concise.

3000 ANSI lumen high brightness output

Corresponding to the environment with insufficient light isolation or absorption, uhd60 has 3000 ANSI lumen brightness. One group of HDMI inputs supports HDCP 2.2, and is compatible with 4K UHD and HDR images. At the same time, it supports MHL input. It can directly connect the mobile phone to output the mobile phone picture. There are two groups of USB interfaces in the machine. One group is used for factory maintenance, and the other group is used for USB power supply (output current 1.5A), which can be used as Google ch Power supply purpose of romecast or old optical fiber HDMI line.

The video input includes two sets of HDMI and VGA.

One group of HDMI supports HDCP 2.2 and MHL.

Professional functions and settings

In addition to the control system connecting 12V trigger and RS-232 to the home, uhd60 also supports pjlink, which can be operated and managed by a system compatible with pjlink. In terms of color adjustment function, dynamic black and ultradetail options are set on the setting menu to provide clearer black and white and sharper image output. ISF day & night mode is set to provide more accurate image adjustment. The built-in game mode adjusts the contrast and color output for the game screen, so as to enhance the visual effect of fast screen switching when playing.

Equipped with RJ45 connector, compatible with PJLink network control.
You can view the uhd60 connection network status in the menu.

Familiar control interface

When it comes to control, it’s basically similar to the design of other Optoma projectors. For example, the remote control is the same as the earlier products. There are still six input buttons below. Users who have used the Optoma projector are not unfamiliar with its control.

The attached remote control is similar to the earlier Optoma projector
The operation interface of Optoma is familiar to all the friends who play it

4K UHD test

This time, the Optoma uhd60 was tested in the ONKYO sound testing room. The connected equipment includes Panasonic dmp-ub900 4K UHD Blu ray machine, Onkyo tx-rz3100 AV Amplifier, screen research 110 inch projection screen. Since we are trying a 4K HDR compatible projector, we first tried a blu ray disc of Billy Lynn’s long halftime walk shot at 120Hz, and compared the difference between 4K UHD Blu ray and the ordinary 2K version.

Trial equipment includes Panasonic dmp-ub900 and Onkyo tx-rz3100

First, look at the conversation with the main character under the tree. 2K picture is familiar to you. Switch to 4K / 60p and add HDR to compare the same picture. The feeling of the picture is different. The light dark ratio is totally different. Uhd60’s appreciation of HDR image brings you a new experience. The picture effect can’t be described only by adjectives such as “more colors”, “more dynamic”, “more dark places”.

2K/24p SDR
4K/60p HDR

Try to perform “Billy Lynn’s midfield battle” on the stage for a while. The smoothness of 4K / 60p is quite good, and the picture is so exquisite and surprising. Uhd60 has absolutely no problem in outputting 4K resolution. When reproducing night scenes or indoor scenes, the color change table is more prominent than the SDR version of the same picture.

2K/24p SDR
4K/60p HDR

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Try the latest episode of Pirates of the Caribbean: dead men tell no tales. After adjusting the dynamic range output of dmp-ub900 4K UHD Blu ray, the ghost shark moves obviously three-dimensional. As for the picture converted to a large contrast, there is a slight light burst, but the dark position in the picture is still clear.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Finally, try “xxx: return of Xander cage”, a video signal of Yundi Su flying down the mountain barge, to enjoy the HDR picture, the color is special, the orange red near dusk is pushed very hard, and the output of uhd60 is hard. In addition, it is close to the burst picture. Under the SDR output, the picture has already burst. When the uhd60 outputs the HDR image, some layers can be reserved.

Conclusion: “4K Blu ray entry price option”

Uhd60 is able to output the fine performance of 4K resolution. Compared with higher-order 4K projector, it is only the difference between “fine” and “more detailed”. As for HDR effect, since hdr10 depends on the dynamic parameter setting of the video disc, it is like that the dynamic range of Blu ray machine can be adjusted to output reasonable image effect for different video discs in the trial broadcast. If you look at the 4K UHD performance alone, the Optoma uhd60 with less than 2000 US dollars is absolutely super value, and the HDR output is the bonus in the super value. For the friends who play the entry-level projector, it’s worth a try.

Buy the Optoma UHD at

Optoma UHD60 True 4K UHD Projector, Bright 3000 Lumens, Entertainment and Movies, Rec.2020 with DCI-P3 for Wide Color Gamut, HDMI 2.0 and HDR10

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