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Laser Projector

laser projector is a device that projects changing laser beams on a screen to create a moving image for entertainment or professional use. It consists of a housing that contains lasers,  mirrors,  galvanometer scanners, and other optical components. A laser projector can contain one laser light source for single-color projection or three sources for RGB (red, green, and blue) full color projection.

Lasers offer potentially brighter projected images, with more and better colors.

Laser Light

There are actually two types of Laser projectors:

  • Industrial Laser Projectors
  • Home entertainment Laser Projectors

Industrial Laser Projectors

The industrial laser projectors are on the market since about 2002/2003. Laser projectors are mainly used as optical guidance systems. They enable working without templates in many manufacturing processes by showing directly on the workpiece how material needs to be positioned or mounted. Like that, the employee is led by manual or semiautomatic productional processes visually.

I have no interested at industrial laser projector , if you want to know more information, please google it.

Here I just introduce three Laser Projectors, or Laser Light Lamp:

  • 1.Star Laser Projector, or Disco Laser Projector, Ball Light Laser Projector. It is used to Christmas or Parties, make the environment look dreamy or colorful. Free shipping for Shopping now->
Star Laser Projector for Christmas
  • 2. Laser Pen, or Laser Pointer. The visible laser is designed as a pen type transmitter which is portable, easy to hold and processed by laser module (diode). Common laser indicators include red light (650-660nm), green light (532nm), blue light (445-450nm) and blue violet light (405nm). Usually, it is used to reflect a light point or a light point to an object by the meeting newspaper, teaching and guide, but it may damage or affect the place of the guide, such as Art Museum (some paintings are afraid of light), zoo, etc. are not suitable for use. Free shipping for Shopping now->
Laser Pointer
  • 3. Laser Level Meter. The laser level meter is a level which can guide the laser beam emitted by the laser device into the telescope tube of the level and make it shoot out along the direction of the collimation axis. There are two types of laser level: special laser level and laser device attached to the level, which can be used for leveling by cooperating with the level gauge equipped with photoelectric receiving target. Compared with the optical level, the laser level has the characteristics of high accuracy, long line of sight and automatic reading and recording. Free shipping for Shopping now->
Laser Level Meter

Home entertainment Laser Projectors

Home entertainment laser projectors have been on the market since about 2015. These devices are able to generate any wavelength of light, thus making wider color gamuts possible without compromising brightness. This translates to deeper, richer colors that come closer than previous products to the vast range of colors human eyes can process. Other benefits include fast (up to instant) on/off and increased longevity: One manufacturer, for example, claims 30,000 hours for the lasers in one of their mainstream models. Compared to the roughly 3,000 hours most home projectors achieve with their UHP lamps. Costing around $250 to $400 per lamp, considerable savings can be achieved over the lifetime of the projector.

As traditional projector, just replace the lamp to Laser Light, make the lamp lifetime much longer, and wider color gamuts. We call these as Home Theater Laser Projector.

Laser TV

Another model is ultra short throw laser projector, become more and more popular now, which called Laser TV. More information as below:

Laser TV is a killer level product, not only has much longer lamp lifetime, but also easy to install, no need wired while renovation, Plug to Play!!

Anoter advantage of Laser TV, anti ambient light. It is a revolutionary advancement. As before, we must turn off the light and close the window curtains, while enjoying the big screen movie with traditional home theater projectors. Now Laser TV doesn’t necessary to do such things. You can watch movie on Laser TV while the ambient light is bright! The secret is the sepecial projection screen:

Whether it’s traditional home theater projector or laser TV, there is no doubt that laser projector is the future trend of projector. In the future, more manufacturers are bound to join in the competition and fierce brand confrontation, which is a good thing for us. On the one hand, with the development of technology, the product quality will be better and better, on the other hand, it will bring down the cost, and finally reduce the expensive price. In the future, the projection technology will be more advanced and the popularity of laser projection technology will be wider.

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