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Hisense Released the World’s First 70 inch Curly Screen Laser TV in CES 2020

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2020)

Every year, Hisense will bring new laser TV technology and new products in CES, and every year, they try to release some innovative products to meet the industry’s more expectations for laser TV.

Since 2014, Hisense has made every effort to upgrade the new laser TV products in CES every year. The technology of singlecolor, bicolor and tricolor has been upgraded and optimized in color, and the resolution has also been evolved from 1080p to 4K. Even in terms of size, Hisense is also the first to explore the size of laser TV. After the first 80 inches, Hisense began to further explore to 75 inches last year.

After “upgrading and iterating” in terms of image quality, size and other dimensions, Hisense fixed the “direction” of optimization and innovation of laser TV on the change of product form.

Hisense releases 70 inch Laser tv

On January 7, 2020, Hisense officially released the world’s first curly screen laser TV in Las Vegas, USA. Hisense’s curly screen laser TV is very special in appearance. It adopts an integrated design. The 70 inch screen will rise slowly when watching, and it will be put into the fashionable and generous body similar to the appearance of the TV cabinet at ordinary times, so as to truly “appear when needed” and integrate with the whole home environment.

In terms of performance, Hisense also said that it can achieve a perfect balance between image quality and brightness, so as to bring the most realistic and natural pictures. Because the curl screen laser TV adopts the newly developed high-performance curl screen, it achieves good curl while keeping the optical performance unchanged, and completely meets the specifications and requirements of TV brightness and picture quality.

Hisense New 70inch Curl Screen Laser TV

Liu Xianrong, chief scientist of Hisense laser display company, said: the ideal form of TV in the family is to integrate with the whole home, and it appears when necessary, which is exactly what curly screen laser TV does.

Compared with other self reflective and curly screens such as OLED, because the screen of laser TV does not emit light, the curly screen technology is more leisurely and reliable compared with other screens. Especially in the field of large-scale TV, which is positioned by laser TV, laser TV will take the lead in realizing mature curling technology, leading the color TV industry into a new dimension of “form” competition. Industry insiders said that after the color, health and giant screen, laser TV is about to obtain a new leap forward competitiveness.

Hisense Curling Screen Laser TV

The curly screen laser TV released this time has two angles worth “Guessing”: first, the size is 70 inches, why choose to “reduce” the product again? Is this for the “consideration” of the overall style of the home? Second: from the official speech of Hisense, this may be the most expensive TV cabinet in history, which means the price of this product will not be cheap, because this curly screen laser TV will be packaged with TV cabinet and other products.

One industry person said: at present, the whole household color TV market is “in low demand”. In addition to the factors such as weak macro market demand, another important “reason” is that there has been no major “innovation” in the product form of household color TV for many years, so that many consumers have “technological aesthetic fatigue” on traditional color TV display products.

While the curly laser TV of Hisense is approaching the ultimate color display, it is also taking a big step towards the ultimate form of “integration with home”. This is another “change” in the consumption upgrading trend of home display products, which is expected to stimulate consumers’ new round of quality demand desire.

Hisense constantly makes targeted adjustments to the color image quality, product size and product form of laser TV, in order to hope that consumers can have a new understanding of laser TV, a new type of large screen household display, and can further improve the product tonality and consumers. At the same time, it also shows an attitude in the industry. Hisense is unremitting in the promotion of laser TV. It is necessary to make full use of the banner of laser display to become an important pole in the whole display industry.

For this reason, Hisense firmly believes that laser display will become the “mainstream” and the final winner.

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