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Hisense Launched Tri-Color Laser TV in CES 2019, with Amazing Picture Quality

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2019)

Among all display technologies, tri-color laser TV can reproduce the rich colors of the objective world most truly. Las Vegas, USA, on Jan. 8, the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) officially opened. The popularity of Hisense Pavilion and Tri-color Laser TV 100 inch L9 became the focus of the exhibition. The product removes the phosphor wheel, RGB tricolor completely depends on three colors of laser emission, can accurately display various tones, so that the picture presents an unprecedented lifelike, can be called the top quality experience.

In the field of laser TV, Hisense has always been the leader, and is recognized as the world’s first brand in the industry. It has been leading the technological development of laser TV for many years, and introduced the world’s leading products every year.

From 2K to 4K, from monochrome to bichrome, as a pioneer and leader in the application of laser display technology in TV, Hisense has been using technology to promote the development of laser TV in recent years. Laser display is known as the “revolution in the history of human vision”. Tri-color laser display is regarded as the ultimate scheme of laser display, and its color expression is more powerful than other display schemes known to human beings. Hisense’s self-developed three-color laser TV is produced by laser, without any color wheel supplement. Almost 100% of it meets the BT.2020 standard. It is a true three-color laser TV.

Hisense also extended the tri-color laser display, a recognized high-end display scheme, to small and medium size for the first time. At the exhibition site, Hisense 70-inch tri-color laser TV L5 also attracts many spectators. In terms of picture quality, Hisense 70-inch tri-color laser TV L5 is obviously ahead of LCD TV of the same size. Hisense staff said that the 70-inch tri-color laser TV L5 will also be more pro-people in price, so that more consumers can really enjoy the visual experience brought by the tri-color laser display.

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