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GOOVIS G2 Smart Glasses Review: Not a VR Glasses, But a Best Mobile 3D Theatre

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018)

I have always enjoyed watching movies, because the effect of the big screen is far from comparable to that of television. Even a 70-inch TV doesn’t feel very big. There’s also a projector in the house, which is 100 inches projection. When compared with the effect of the cinema, the gap comes out. Not long ago, the VR integration machine was on fire for a while. I also experienced several VR integration machines. Some of them have high resolution, and they are good for watching movies. However, it is generally heavier, uncomfortable to wear for a long time, and the support for myopia is not very good.

This time, I was lucky to get the experience of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses. GOOVIS G2 smart glasses are quite special. Although it is a smart glasses similar to VR integrated machine, but GOOVIS G2 smart glasses do not have VR function. It is a mobile 3D cinema, and it uses screen and glasses separation design. The main hardware configuration is concentrated on the controller, so the glasses can be connected with other video output devices, such as desktop computers, notebooks, network TV boxes, etc., which can provide a large screen display for various connected devices, the effect will be greatly improved. Much more slight as before.

GOOVIS G2 smart glasses have an accessory is a portable bag, this bag design is very good, GOOVIS G2 smart glasses all accessories can be orderly placed inside.

GOOVIS G2 Smart Glasses Family include: GOOVIS G2 Smart Glasses Head Display, Control Box, Headset, HDMI Connection, Micro USB Data Line, User Manual.

The body of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses is only 200g, which is much lighter than most VR glasses. The split suspension design avoids the force on the nose beam and panel, and makes it more comfortable to wear. The front end is Goovis brand Logo.

The forehead support of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses has about 135 degrees of adjustment space, and users can adjust it by themselves. A large area of sponge is designed on the forehead support to avoid direct compression of the forehead. The adjustment of this angle is mainly adapted to the different head shape of each user, as well as the temporary situation. It can be directly turned up without taking off, and it is very convenient to design.

Optical imaging system is the most important part of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses. It uses 12 ultra-precision aspheric waveform plastic lenses customized by Olympus, Japan, and SONY 2K OLED micro-display screen. It has 3147 PPI ultra-fine picture, 117% sRGB wide color area, 3D visual effect, equivalent to watching 800 inches giant screen effect at 20 meters, just like on the head. Wearing an IMAX curtain, the effect is expected.

Perhaps some people will think that the physical distance between the eyes and the micro-display screen is only a few centimeters. Will this damage the eyesight? The answer is No. GOOVIS G2 smart glasses have been certified by the state authoritative ophthalmology agency. They have long-distance imaging, no glare, low blue light and 4 star standard for eye protection. In addition, we can see that the arc design on this side of the lens fits the face shape exactly, and the edges are protected by sponges, so that when wearing, the face will not have obvious foreign body feeling.

GOOVIS G2 smart glasses for myopic users is also more considerate, providing customized lens business, according to the refraction report to customize the lens, and the fuselage provides refractive adjustment, pupil distance adjustment function. The diopter adjustment supports the accommodation space between 300 degrees of hyperopia and 800 degrees of myopia, and the pupil distance adjustment supports the accommodation space between 56mm and 72mm. My myopia happens to be 800 at a glance, 750 at another glance, which can be directly worn, which is very commendable, wearing glasses to play head-show, comfort is still quite poor.

On the right side of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses display, there is also a 3.5mm audio jack, can be used to connect headphones.

The only wire of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses display, is a HDMI public wire, can be used to connect the control box, can also be connected to other wires, used to connect other equipment.

The control box of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses looks like a remote control, but more like a network TV box with remote control function. The hardware configuration is also quite high-end, using ARM A7 8 core CPU, 2G DDR3 running memory and 32G storage space. The system is based on the installation of customized Goovis OS 2.0, built-in 5900 mAh large capacity lithium battery, with micro USB charging interface, TF card slot, HDMI output interface, USB interface, completely not to the general network TV box. GOOVIS G2 smart glasses control box as part of the remote control are in the front, and this remote control is also very special, the upper part of these keys with the general remote control is not much different, the key is the lower part, the whole is a touch panel, some operations with this touch panel is more convenient. However, the function system of the touch panel is closed by default, and users need to open it by themselves.

The headband of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses is made of cortex. The two sides can be adjusted by magic sticker. The middle part has the function of tightening and adjusting.

HDMI adapter is the interface between HDMI master port and HDMI public port and USB, which is used to connect other HDMI video output devices, such as desktop computers and notebooks.

Micro USB cable is the function of data line and charging line. Wiping mirror cloth area is not large, Goovis logo in the middle, wiping effect is quite excellent.

The headband of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses is mounted on the forehead support. It adopts buckle design. It is easy to install and quite firm.

The use of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses is to connect the head display to the control box, and then the control box can be used by pressing the switch for 3 seconds. After startup, the power indicator above the control box will light up to represent the current power. Although wearing a head can not be seen, but the system also shows, it is no harm.

The main interface of GOOVIS G2 smart glasses is quite refreshing, directly online video, local video, file management and fast settings.

The system has 3D demo film. After testing, the left and right 3D support is good, the playback is smooth, the voice is normal, and the time axis switching is almost no Karton. IT IS the BEST 3D MOBILE THEATRE. Up and down 3D is not supported.


Overall, GOOVIS G2 smart glasses are quite interesting, if the storage space can be larger, then the audio and video resources can be directly placed in the control box to play, without the need to take out mobile hard drives and so on, it will be more convenient. The control box has powerful performance and rich interfaces. Because the head is lighter and the structure design is better, it is not uncomfortable to wear it for a long time, and it will not press the head. When playing, the 3D effect is very good. It’s the best 3D cinema glasses I’ve ever seen.

It is the best design award 2018 by IF.

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