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EPSON Launches the World’s First 3LCD 4K Laser TV LS500

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2019)

For a long time, in the field of vision, EPSON has always been committed to connecting the virtual world and the real world through lifelike picture transmission, breaking through the boundaries of space, life style, light and shadow, art and even imagination, bringing the boundless imaginary world into reality and creating boundless colorful life In order to achieve this goal, EPSON has been constantly carrying out technological innovation and constantly bringing products and solutions beyond imagination to users.

On October 29, EPSON released the latest 4K PRO-UHD technology, and brought new 4K PRO-UHD laser TV – LS500, 4K PRO-UHD living room cinema- CH-TW7000, intelligent projector (EF-100) and other household visual products and solutions, so as to bring more real and colorful viewing experience to users by virtue of super large screen and extreme picture quality, so that family users can have their own immersive visual experience.

4K PRO-UHD supports detailed life with high-definition image quality

In recent years, with the rapid development of the market and the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, large-scale screens and flexible, portable and mobile viewing devices are more and more popular. At the same time, with the increase of the size of the screen, the user’s requirements for the quality of the picture are gradually improved. Good quality of the picture is always an important factor for the user’s preference.

From a technical point of view, Epson believes that the presentation of good image quality is not only the embodiment of resolution, but also the comprehensive combination of resolution, color brightness, contrast, lens and image quality processing technology. In order to bring better visual experience to users, Epson innovated and upgraded the ordinary 4K technology, bringing new 4K PRO-UHD technology. Compared with the ordinary 4K technology, the new technology pays more attention to the expression of color. With the help of Epson’s unique 3lcd technology, it can achieve higher color brightness, thus bringing more expressive contrast, bringing more than 4K picture effects for home users, and making home projection products also present cinema level viewing experience.

More excellent picture analysis, higher color brightness, and high contrast of HDR10 can not only make the projection picture present more details of each frame, but also make the dark color more profound and bright, restore the true color of the picture. No matter day or night, the projector can present clear, bright and vivid high-quality pictures, helping users in the daily viewing process Realize the real experience in real life, present detailed life with high-definition image quality, and restore the meaning of the film itself.

EH-LS500 Laser TV

Epson brings new product EH-LS500 series laser TV. The new product is equipped with 4K PRO-UHD technology and 3LCD display technology, which not only presents far higher image quality than traditional full HD, but also has 4000 ansi lumen brightness, and supports HDR10, can achieve 2500000:1 dynamic contrast, and 10 bit image processing technology. With a 100 inch anti light screen, it can easily project a 100 inch picture near the wall. Epson laser TV LS500, fearless of all kinds of ambient light, opens the new experience of the ultimate large screen for users anytime and anywhere.

In order to present a better picture, EH-LS500 series also adopts the professional image lens specially developed by Fuji company for Epson laser TV, which gives laser TV more “cinematic sense”. With imported DNP anti light hard screen and circular anti light structure, it can resist the interference of sunlight and light on the picture quality in multiple directions, and can present high-quality picture no matter day or night.

At the same time, this TV also has a built-in intelligent TV system, with wireless projection screen and AI intelligent voice function, users can easily find their favorite videos by moving their mouth, and open a new experience of home large screen TV at any time. Not only that, in order to better apply to the family use scene, Epson EH-LS500 series 4K PRO-UHD laser TV also has a Bauhaus style design, black and white two-color minimalist presentation, so that the TV can also become an ornament in the family.

High definition image quality, large screen, intelligent system, minimalist appearance Epson’s new EH-LS500 series 4K PRO-UHD laser TV sets many key words in one, bringing visual feast with innovative technology, users can enjoy the charm of large films at home, enjoy the entertainment tour of home theater.

At present, Epson’s new laser TV LS500 is divided into two sizes: 100 inch (priced at $4999) and 120 inch (priced at $5999).

More 4K laser TV information, please read the following buyer’s guide:

CH-TW7000 New Home Theater Projector

Not only the laser TV, but also the innovative 4K PRO-UHD technology combined with 3lcd technology has been integrated into the new CH-TW7000 series professional living room cinema projector. With the innovative technology, we can break through the imagination and let users enjoy the cinema level viewing experience at home at any time. This series includes two models, CH-TW7000 and CH-TZ3000, with 3840 × 2160 4K ultra-high definition resolution, 3000 lumen high brightness and 10bits image processing technology. In contrast, both products also perform well, with CH-TZ3000 having a dynamic contrast of up to 100000:1 and CH-TW7000 having a contrast of 40000:1. Such performance can easily realize the bright and clear projection picture, black and white clear, pure color, as if you are seeing through the screen.

In order to bring more family cinema viewing options to users, CH-TW7000 series professional living room cinema projector also has a unique 3D Bluetooth glasses function. Users only need to use Bluetooth to connect 3D glasses with the projector smoothly, and the high-definition stereoscopic picture will be presented immediately. While watching sports events or playing large-scale dynamic games, this professional living room theater projector also performs well. The application of inserting frame technology makes the projection picture increase one frame in each two frames of the original picture display to shorten the display time between each frame, eliminates the phenomenon that the picture is not blurry or the image edge of the fast moving picture is not clear, and makes each frame vivid, smooth and clear.

In order to better adapt to the individual application scenarios of different family users, CH-TW7000 series professional living room cinema projector has a 1.6x zoom lens (horizontal displacement of 24%, vertical displacement of 60%), flexible focus range, flexible projection from multiple angles from the side, easier installation and placement, arbitrary picture size. No matter in the narrow space such as the coffee table in the living room, the bedside in the bedroom, or even the bookcase in the study, 100 inch large pictures can be flexibly presented to easily create a high-end immersive viewing experience at home.

EF-100 Smart Laser Projector

Let’s imagine that the working people who have worked hard all day outside can watch their favorite movies on the ceiling when they get home and lie in bed lazily. Isn’t it very nice? Epson laser 3lcd smart projector EF-100 series can meet such a life.

As the world’s first laser 3LCD smart projector, EF-100 series has 2000 ansi lumens of real high brightness, so that the vivid picture is not interfered by the ambient light. No matter day or night, turn on the light or turn off the light, you can easily have a happy viewing experience at home. The LCD display technology enables the projector to restore the true color of the image even if it is projected on a white wall. With a light source life of 20000 hours, the projector can also become a good and durable household appliance.

Not only that, Epson EF-100 series smart projectors are also innovative in solutions to bring better user experience. Unlike ordinary projectors, which need to be placed at a long distance when in use, Epson laser 3lcd smart projector EF-100 series only needs a projection distance of 2.26 meters to cast a 100 inch picture.

Epson has always insisted on the most practical products for users. In the future, Epson will continue to maintain technological innovation, deepen open cooperation with partners, explore and break through in more home applications and personal consumption scenarios, promote the upgrading of performance and content of Home visual products, and create colorful life with innovative products.

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