Coolhere UFO 14

Best Voice Quality TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Coolhere UFO with 3D Sound Effects and Noise Cancelling

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

This is a subversive innovation in TWS headphones, the first time that Bluetooth headphones and wired headphones will compete in terms of sound quality. Coolhere UFO is the best voice quality TWS earbuds in the world until now.

Coolhere UFO 1

Most of the TWS headphones on the market have a slightly poor sound quality due to the small size of the wireless and the problem of battery space. In this regard, UFO has made many attempts and brought about revolutionary innovative sound quality.

Coolhere UFO 2

UFO has the features of new 360 degree 3D cavity design, intelligent noise reduction, non-destructive sound quality and professional tuning.

Coolhere UFO 3

For the first time, 360-degree holographic sound field is brought into the field of TWS headphones, bringing the stereo immersion effect similar to the concert scene.

Coolhere UFO 4

The design of round and rotatable earphone warehouse is funny and fashionable.

Coolhere UFO 5

Miniature body, light as white paper.

Coolhere UFO 6

Powerful performance, no delay in the sound of the game. Say goodbye to the feeling that the pictures and sounds are out of sync, and take a step faster.

Coolhere UFO 7

Hardcore Bluetooth 5.0 chip, 2MB/s high-speed, music, movies, games, calls without delay, stable and reliable continuous line.

Coolhere UFO 8

CVC upstream passive intelligent noise reduction, effectively shield 90% of the surrounding noise, eliminate interference, make the sound cleaner.

Coolhere UFO 9

Comfortable, senseless design, unconsciously fell asleep while wearing it.

Coolhere UFO 10

Appearance design mellow fusion, and has dynamic dazzling.

Coolhere UFO 11

IPX6 waterproof design, fearless of rain, sweating, washing and cleaning, and even you can wear her when you take a bath.

Coolhere UFO 16

The size of Coolhere UFO as below:

Coolhere UFO 19

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