Best Price 4K Laser TV JmGO U1

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

JmGO from smart projection to laser TV have been making great progress in recent years. After years of cultivation of laser TV, this new product did not continue the name of JmGO Laser TV S model, and created a new model name U series. After watching the parameters of JmGO U1, I have great interested in this product. At present, it is the first 4K laser TV which costs less than $2200, JmGO U1 is the best price 4K laser TV.

JmGO U1, Best Price 4K Laser TV
Over the next three years, the ultimate solution for home movies!

This time I feel the sincerity of JmGO U1, and follow me to see the advantage one by one:

  • Really cheap, cost-effective than the people expect
  • The first 4K HDR smart laser TV
  • 8.29 million pixels super-clear resolution, delicate quality
  • Accurate color restoration
  • Diffuse reflex can protect human eyes (especially children) and prevent direct watching the light
  • 2000 ANSI lumen reasonable brightness, power consumption and brightness have a good combination
  • Good Noise control
  • The three-stage winger design style will not be out of date in the next few years.
  • Rich interface and strong expansibility

1. House Design

This time the first most amazing is the appearance, JmGO U1 used a three-stage hierarchical design, so cleverly hidden the laser light machine in the fuselage. When you first see the fuselage, you will feel that it is more delicate and compact than its counterparts.

At the bottom, a USB port is added.

JmGO U1 4K laser TV has aluminium alloy material curve, the momentum edge, overall look energetic. Strong sense of technology coupled with long service life, in many years will not outdated, and futuristic design style can adapt to more home environment.

2. Image Quality


JmGO U1 has a brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens, which belongs to the mainstream flagship level. It also has a very good effect in daytime use. I think that this brightness is more appropriate. If the brightness is brighter, the power consumption, heat dissipation and service life of the machine will be affected. JmGO will balance integration of several aspects in the years of the accumulation of laser television experience, the effect is much better with special anti-light screen. If want more brightness laser TV, maybe Optoma CinemaX P1 is the good choice which is 3000 ANSI lumens.

Contrast Ratio

JmGO U1 has a significant improvement in contrast because of its new chip and special anti-light screen for Laser TV. When many of my friends came to play at home recently, they all thought that a large LCD screen was hanging on the wall. After touching it, they found that it was only a curtain.

Close to the actual shooting, clear details.


Because of the laser’s purity, the 1.07 billion colours of JmGO U1 are very clean and the details are colourful. Here we project the test drawings of 4K TV. We can see that the color of the whole picture is clear and distinct, and the transition of gradient color is quite natural.


4K ultra-definition is a big selling point of JmGO U1. Compared with the 1080P resolution used in laser TV, 829 megapixels do have obvious sensory improvement in the actual experience. On the other hand, with the increase of network bandwidth, 4K source gradually joined the mainstream video platform, with 4K configuration, it will not be out of date for a long time in the future. The actual examples in the illustration show that the details of the whole skin and the newspaper are clear.


The JmGO U1 uses HDR10 technology, HDR (high dynamic range) allows you to see more rich light and shade levels of the screen. I have done a color level test, the entire color level transition uniform, display range than previous generations has been improved well, the details of the projection screen is very delicate and rich.

JmGO U1 color gradient transition is uniform and display range is wide.
JmGO U1 shows excellent light and shade details

3. Audio System

Sound quality tuning has always been a good aspect of JmGO, U1 sound continues has the previous excellent characteristics of JmGO laser TV speakers, bass thick, high-pitched sweet, plus three balanced audio tuning, household words are enough. While on standby, JmGO U1 can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker alone.

The noise control of the fuselage is excellent this time. Laser TV is usually placed on the wall, far from the viewing position, and the noise of the fan is neglected.

4. Performance

  • New flagship, naturally high configuration, JmGO U1 uses the mainstream flagship Amlogic quad-core processing chip, equipped with 2G storage + 16G memory standard settings, good fit for viewing, home games.
  • The interface is equipped with two USB ports (one on the side), network ports, two HDMI ports, S/PDIF ports, WiFi, wireless co-screen connection of mobile phones, etc. Mainstream video access can be easily controlled.
  • JmGO U1 has no surprising 0.17:1 ultra-short focal projection ratio as JmGO S2, but the projection ratio of 0.21:1 is enough to project a 100-inch screen 20 centimeters away from the wall. Compared with LCD TV, it doesn’t take up any extra space. As shown in the figure, the fuselage can be filled with 100 inches curtain by basically leaning against the wall.
  • JmGO UI has beautiful interface design and abundant resources. TV, movies, variety arts, children, animation, sports, and the mainstream resources can almost be seen. But the UI font is a little small, but fortunately the screen is big enough, and parents should not look too stressed. Up to now, hasn’t English version, only Chinese, but can be connected to other TV box or Media Players to show English UI.
  • JmGO U1 Laser TV, because of its high brightness, has been specially designed to prevent direct vision of the light. If an object enters the range of light exposure, the screen will be dark. But one thing is not very sensitive, it needs to be close to a lot of will react, I hope manufacturers improve it.

5. Summary

Comparing with miniprojector

The advantage of JmGO U1 is that it can achieve the brightness and resolution that ordinary mini projector can not achieve.

JmGO U1 resolution test shows excellent results

Comparing with traditional 4K projecter

BenQ and Optoma have 4K protecters, but they usally use traditional light bulbs. This service life will be hard injury. Laser TV usually has a service life of more than 10 years.

Comparing with the similar 4K laser TV

4K laser TV is certainly not a JmGO initiative, but the price is too high to be accepted by consumers in the past. This time, the price of JmGO U1 is less than 2200USD, quite cheap now.

Summary: JmGO laser TV has been breaking through the limit of price and performance from the first generation of S1, S1 PRO to SC, SA and S2. JmGO has independent research and development of optical machinery and other core equipment in the process of continuously polishing products, breaking through the monopoly of foreign countries, will achieve acceptable prices, similar as other 1080P laser TV. The JmGO higher configuration of 4K laser TV has achieved the price of 2000USD, it is indeed eliminated. Gospel of the consumer.

Buy JmGO U1 at now.

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