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BenQ Launched DCI-P3 Color Gamut 4K Laser TV i965L

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2019)

On October 29 2019, BenQ held a new 4K laser TV conference in Suzhou, unveiling the mystery of i960L/i965L, a 4K laser TV with DCI-P3 wide color gamut.

The new 4K laser TV i965L not only gives people a low-key and luxurious visual impression, but also harmoniously integrates into the modern home living space. It also helps users perfectly solve their daily pain points through the ingenious details such as the elegant opening and closing of the electric sliding door, the concave side of the geometric slope, the hidden positioning structure ruler, etc. The craftsmen of BenQ color technology lab have given two new products DCI-P3 super wide color gamut coverage ability and better image enhancement technology, striving to perfectly present the real color of movie level.

BenQ 4K products are leading the world and adhere to the principle of color standard

At the conference, Maorui Liu, senior product manager of BenQ China, pointed out that over the past ten years, BenQ home projection has never stopped innovating. For example, in 2015, we took the lead in launching Master TV super projector, in 2016, we launched flagship high-end 4K cinema projector, in 2017, we built universal light 4K projector, and in 2018, we completed the comprehensive upgrade of high-end 4K professional products. Now, the wide color gamut series 4K laser TV represented by i965L is the exquisite life utensil made by BenQ in response to the consumption and upgrading tide, especially for the middle-class and elite class, which fully reflects the ingenuity of designers and engineers, and will certainly live up to the expectations of users.

Maorui Liu further pointed out that every choice made in life actually represents their own values. After a long-term discussion by the R & D team, BenQ has officially established the road of seeking truth and color standard since 2013. It is proposed that it is essential for high-quality home projectors and laser TV products to restore the original color of images, while adhering to color standard is a high respect for nature and reality. Therefore, in 2015, BenQ officially established a color technology laboratory, established a professional color team, and developed its own cinematic color film primary color adjustment technology. In fact, there are many TV manufacturers, but only BenQ always insists on the color standard.

Continue to improve the market segmentation layout, continue to promote technological breakthroughs and application innovation, always adhere to the principle of wide color gamut, coupled with the world-renowned industrial design team, BenQ has been ranked first in the global market share of DLP projectors for ten consecutive years (according to the research data of futuresource), and in the first half of 2019, it won the market share of 4K projectors with 26.2% Global market leader. In the middle of this year, BenQ 4K HDR home projector has also won the golden prize of VGP Summer Video Awards in Japan and EISA annual award.

Pursue the truth of technology with ingenuity and seek the peak of quality with meticulous work

According to Maorui Liu, the new i965L wide color gamut 4K laser TV has a resolution of 3840×2160 (4K), a brightness of 3000 lumens (according to ISO / ice21118), a contrast of 500000:1 / 600000:1, and a hundred inch anti light screen. Thanks to the primal color adjustment technology of BenQ cinematic color film, the i965l surpasses the rec.709 color gamut standard commonly used in home cinemas, and adheres to the DCI-P3 industrial color gamut standard. The color space coverage of the latter is 1.26 times wider than rec.709, which means that i965L not only greatly improves the pixel resolution, but also accurately presents more rich colors.

In addition, BenQ i965l laser TV adopts the exclusive cinemamaster Video + image enhancement technology of BenQ, including pixel enhancement, skin color restoration, color enhancement, 4K motion compensation and other features, which can further optimize the visual appearance of the motion picture, the overall color phase, saturation, level gradient and other aspects of the picture. Of course, these two new products also fully support the HDR (high dynamic range image) function, which not only presents a greater contrast between the light and the dark, but also ensures that the details from the high light to the dark are clear enough, which is closer to the real natural world seen by the human eye. Moreover, when the HDR function is turned on, the color gamut will automatically adjust accordingly.

In order to build the i965l into a high quality product, engineers customized the DLP optical mechanical unit. Among them, 4K ultra-high resolution optical lens is selected as the lens part, which is composed of 19 precisely polished lenses with high transmittance and low distortion. At the same time, in order to optimize the luminous efficiency and enhance the stability of the system, BenQ engineers also carefully adjust the optical path structure, and make the optical part of i965l finally reach IP5x dust-proof level. The top cover of the electric sliding door is used to prevent dust falling and protect the lens. After 100000 durability tests, it is necessary to make the opening and closing of the sliding door smooth and elegant as silk, and make the opening of the audio-visual feast more ceremonial.

The craftsman’s pursuit of skill is a process of repeated and careful consideration, as well as a process of slow deliberation and refinement. For example, for the appearance part of i965l, in order to present the simple sense of low reflection, the designer not only selects strict materials, but also tries to find a balance between different materials such as metal anode, painting and knitted fabric surface, so that each material can emit natural charm and harmonious integration. In order to achieve the beauty of listening, treVolo golden ear tuning team has injected a three frequency balanced sound system into the i965l, and adjusted five scene sound effect modes, including cinema, music, sports, games and standards, so as to make the laser TV perfect.

Good design can stand time, good life can stand themselves

The new BenQ i965l laser TV is operated by Junmin Ke, a senior designer of BenQ digital fashion design center (LDC). With 21 years of practical design experience, he has executed 263 complete projects, and won four international design awards including IF(Germany), reddot (Germany), IDEA (America), G-Mark (Japan), totaling 20. Once someone asked him to evaluate this design work, how many points would he give himself, and why? Junmin Ke said, 100 points! Because in the process of this project design, he tried a lot of texture possibilities. He never insisted on the details and repeatedly examined the aesthetic feeling, and finally reached a perfect and just right state.

When the electric sliding door is closed, the BenQ i965l wide color gamut 4K laser TV is just like a small building in the living space, which looks low-key in the distance and luxurious in the near. The front-end exquisite knitted fabric surface mesh cover and the low reflection metal sliding cover of anode spray paint coexist harmoniously. The neat and simple lines outline the exquisite and elegant three-dimensional structure for them. Such a simple and comfortable feeling can be called a real high-end. When the electric sliding door opens slowly, in a few seconds, it will make the inner expectation ferment and expand, because the i965l will bring greater surprise, which is not only a shocking experience, but also a colorful feast.

BenQ i965l not only pursues the beauty of shape, but also pays special attention to the rationality of function. The inclined plane design on both sides of the fuselage looks concave. On the one hand, it uses the geometric techniques commonly used in modern architecture to bring visual changes to the overall shape. On the other hand, it also shoulders the actual function of heat dissipation and air outlet, and avoids the trouble of dust accumulation. There are also some invisible convenient installation designs, which can also be called the resonance music of imagination and creativity. For example, the positioning ruler hidden at the bottom of the fuselage can greatly reduce the difficulty of installing and adjusting the TV; for example, the built-in TOF eye protection sensor can automatically turn off the screen and protect the eyes when people approach.

In other aspects, the built-in intelligent system of BenQ i965l color wide color gamut 4K laser TV can realize such functions as WiFi viewing, wireless projection, Bluetooth connection, voice control, APP download, etc.; at the same time, a large number of video libraries allow you to enjoy video and audio online and support 3D viewing. In this era of information explosion, oversupply and too many choices, only a good design full of ingenuity can stand the experience of time, and only by actively creating a fine and beautiful life can we afford ourselves. BenQ i965l wide color range 4K laser TV is the wise choice of the elite.

Now only launched in China market, let’s wait for it hot sale in the global market in the future . Good news, you can buy it at the following online store:

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