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4K Dual Color laser TV LG HU85LA Comprehensive Review

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2020)

LG HU85LA, which uses RGB three channel two-color laser light source, is a high-end laser TV that has attracted the attention of the global video and audio industry. It is also a 4K laser TV that is positioned at the middle and high-end level of more than 5000USD in this comprehensive evaluation. In technology, because the laser source is RGB three channel two-color laser source, hu85la can present more balanced and bright colors without matching color wheel. In the display chip part, hu85la adopts the mainstream common single-chip DLP UHD 4K solution, which can easily bring 3840 × 2160 UHD display resolution. In terms of the maximum supported projection picture size, hu85la has a very high resolution optical lens, which can support 120 inch large picture projection demand, although the light output brightness is not very prominent, only 2700ansi lumen. In addition, compared with other 4K laser TVs, hu85la also strengthens the processing ability of HDR. In addition to supporting hdr10, it also adds advanced dynamic mapping processing function, which can release the optimal picture detail image based on the signal of each frame. Secondly, in the aspect of dynamic image processing, hu85la adopts trumotion technology, which can automatically generate dynamic frame signals in the existing image signals, which can make the transition of dynamic image smoother and greatly improve the definition of dynamic image. Of course, there is a simple and fashionable industrial design style, which also enables hu85la to meet the needs of various fashionable home decoration styles.

LG HU85LA Dual Color Laser TV

Power consumption / noise / operating temperature test
(Note: ambient noise 39dBA; room temperature 23 ℃):

Standby power consumption (connecting HDMI cable and network cable): 0.033w
Maximum power consumption of working test (in playing test clip): 203w
Noise at air outlet (maximum brightness working mode): 46dba
1 meter away position noise (maximum brightness working mode): 40dba
Air outlet temperature of fuselage surface (maximum brightness working mode): 34 ℃

Fuselage design and function configuration

In terms of overall appearance design, the all white body of LG hu85la is very fashionable, with clear edges and corners. The body is very simple, without redundant elements, which can be well integrated into various fashionable home decoration design environments. From the volume point of view, hu85la is not very small, there are certain requirements for the installation space.

The fuselage of hu85la is very simple. If it’s not the “LG” logo on the top left, we can’t see that this is the laser TV brought by LG
Reflection type ultra short focus optical lens hidden above the fuselage
There is a button next to the lens. You can find the manual focusing function after turning it on
In order to ensure long-term stable operation, a large area of cooling holes are used on the side of the fuselage
There is a sound system hidden in front of the fuselage, and the design of the gray transparent cloth is very suitable for the all white fuselage
Various interfaces are concentrated at the rear of the fuselage, including two HDMI interfaces, digital fiber audio output interfaces, etc
The bottom of the fuselage is equipped with a four hole design, which can meet the requirements of ceiling hoisting
The remote control feels very good, and it also continues the familiar mouse operation of LG laser TV series

Color gamut test of preset mode in 4K HDR state

The standard mode is used in the field test. In this mode, the color gamut range of the picture is close to 90% of dci-p3 CIE 1931 standard. It is worth noting that the color saturation of blue and red in the bright mode far exceeds the dci-p3 standard, and the picture is very bright. In addition, users can improve the color management system, which can easily get accurate color and gray white balance. In standard mode (after picture adjustment and highlight mode), the brightness of picture projecting 100 inch 1.2 gain anti light curtain is close to 100nit.

Built in audio frequency response curve test (position 3 meters away)

The fluctuation range of frequency response curve of 300hz-5khz is mainly observed. According to the test results, the fluctuation range is less than 10dB, which can meet the requirements of acoustic frequency response range of laser television in technical specifications for laser projection television receiver. In addition, the frequency response curve appears trough near 4kHz, and the high frequency attenuation appears after 10kHz.

Screen shot of 4K HDR actual test segment


As a 4K laser TV with RGB three channel two-color laser light source, LG hu85la fully demonstrates the extraordinary strength of RGB three channel light source in terms of actual picture performance, especially in terms of dark red and dark blue, which are difficult to express in general laser TV, but they can be fully and easily displayed. The image is sharp and clear, the skin color expression reaches the level of the same level of model, and the level of detail of the black position and the dark part is even higher than that of the same level of model. In terms of sound performance, although the overall sound pressure is not large, the sound details and levels are good, which is suitable for use in a small living room environment. If it needs to be used in a large space, it is recommended to match with an external surround sound system. And the simple all white body design, has also been loved by the young generation of players.

Reviews from some professional customers:

  1. High definition, natural skin color, accurate white balance, very good color saturation, solid black position, and a little better detail in the dark. The sound is a little thin and the sound pressure is small, but it is relatively balanced and has certain details.
  2. The picture is clear and sharp, the whole is balanced, the skin color is accurate, the texture is good, the black position is solid, the highlight level is good, the details are a little less, the color is balanced, the red and blue are bright and full. The sound is normal, the three frequencies are basically balanced, the details of the voice are clear, the density is slightly lower, and the bass impact is slightly weak.
  3. The overall performance of LG hu85la belongs to the regular type. Compared with other models in the same field, its picture brightness is low, and its subjective feeling is not as clear and sharp as other models. Therefore, hu85la is still suitable for viewing in low ambient light, or even in all black environment. Or choose a smaller screen. For example, you can use an 85 inch high gain anti light curtain. If you adjust it, you will be sure that the brightness, contrast and sharpness will be improved. At the same time, the sound quality of hu85la’s built-in loudspeaker is also acceptable. In the theater sound effect mode, you can also feel the sound with depth and width.
  4. In terms of picture performance, the details are clear, the skin color is cold, the gray scale is excessively bright, the black position is good, the details in the dark part are dark, the highlight intensity is strong, the transition is natural, the color is cold but basically accurate, and the saturation is low. In terms of sound performance, the volume is small, the sound pressure is small, and the high and low frequencies are weak.
  5. The overall picture has the most accurate color restoration in this comprehensive evaluation, and it has excellent performance in clarity, skin color, black position, highlight level and color saturation.
  6. The picture is clear, the skin texture is good, the black position is good, the details are less, the highlight intensity is insufficient, the color is not accurate, the saturation and brightness are general. The sound pressure is relatively small, and the three frequency balance and voice are qualified.

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