What is Blue Laser Projector, how it Works?

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

Use blue laser diode as light source to replace high intensity discharge (HID) lamp. In order to generate the red, green, blue three primary colors, diode laser throw the laser to a fluorescent pink wheel, resulting in yellow (red and green additive color mixing). Blue laser can be generated when the blue laser passes through the diffuser. Then the projector will separate the color sequentially transmit through a color wheel,  cast to an imaging surface, such as DLP chipset. Then the imaging surface of the light transmit through the lens and hit on the projection screen.

Blue laser 2

Compared to the RGB laser projection, the laser fluorescent powder illumination does not reach the same brightness level. However, the laser fluorescent powder can work at a higher temperature, and because the blue laser has lower cost compared to the red and green laser light source, so the price is low.

Compared with the traditional lamp projector, a significant advantage of the laser fluorescent powder projector is long lasting and durable. Laser fluorescent material as a no light system has also been removed to replace the bulbs and filters, to reduce the time of failure, and to avoid the need for light bulb projector related maintenance requirements.

Currently most of the home laser projector use blue laser technology for the cost issue. Because the red and green light is not from laser source directly, the brightness will be some weak, some mixed laser light source projector will add the second or the third light source to enhance the brightness of red or green, which called Hybrid Laser Fluorescent Material Projector. The second or the third light source will be from LED lamp.

Here are some sample of Blue Laser Projectors:

BenQ Blue Laser Projector W1070
BenQ Blue Laser 1080P Projector W1070
Christie Captiva PR projector
Eiki blue red laser projector EK-810U 811W
Eiki blue red laser projector EK-810U 811W

Eiki EK-810U 811W is different with the others, it has blue and red double laser light source, more stable, durable and brightness than before. Launched in the Infocomm Exhibition 2016 in Unite States.

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