The Theory of RGB Laser Light Projection System

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2022)

As we all know, RGB is the primary colors, can contaminate any color which human will identification.Ordinary LED projector, is to restore the light source into RGB three colors, and then re modulation according to the color ratio,  produce the final image. But laser is different, laser is a monochromatic light, cannot be restore to RGB three colors.

RGB laser system

In order to generate RGB three kinds of color light, one technology is the practice of the above mentioned blue laser projector, the use of fluorescent powder to generate red and green, and finally modulation. But the red and green laser will loose the purity of color, brightness, affect the color combination effect. Advanced laser projection system, the direct use of RGB three color laser light source, 100% to ensure that the color brightness and purity, to restore the true color of the world. Using RGB laser projection system, can easily achieve the brightness of 10000ANSI lumins  and 4K image resolution.

RGB Laser system

At present the manufacturers are producing 3 primary colors (3P) and 6 (6P) RGB color laser projection system.

3P laser system produces light source generates image by combining a set of red, green and blue colors. 3P system is an ideal solution for the 2D projection and other industries with high brightness and color saturation.

6P laser system

6P laser projection is mainly used for 3D application, it uses two sets of RGB laser light source – a set of applicable to the left eye, and the other set of wavelength slightly different light source for the right eye. 3D glasses filter out different wavelengths of light, so that the light into a specific eye. This light source system has a lot of advantages. 3D content brightness, color saturation is more extensive. Because the left and right eye images are presented at the same time, the audience will not generate the fatigue, headaches and nausea and other common problems when watching the traditional 3D movies.

3D laser system

For the expensive laser source, RGB laser system projector only used in public theater, not into Home cinema. But  with the development of science and technology, people will be more familiar with the laser technology, the cost of laser light source is gradually lower. We believe that the RGB laser projection system will be  into millions of households in the future.

For RGB laser system, Sony and Christie maybe leading in the market.

3P Laser Projection System of Christie
3P Laser Projection System of Christie
Sony 4K Laser Projector SRX-T423
Sony 4K Laser Projector SRX-T423

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