LG ultra short throw projector pf1000u-6

LG’s first 1080p ultra short throw LED projector to change the world: PF1000U

LG launched three Minibea series projector in CES the end of 2015, all equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the PF1000U projector can away from the wall…


The Best 5 Portable Mobile Projectors in 2017

In recent years, many television equipment manufacturers began to introduce their portable mobile projectors, compared with ordinary projection equipment, portable mobile projectors are more practical attracted more and more attention,…

blue laser 1

What is Blue Laser Projector, how it Works?

Use blue laser diode as light source to replace high intensity discharge (HID) lamp. In order to generate the red, green, blue three primary colors, diode laser throw the…

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