Hisense Smart Laser Cinema TV Vidaa Max Review

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2016)

July 11, 2016 — “The world is looking at me.” On the eve of the UEFA Euro 2016 Final, an event that has attracted much attention worldwide, its sponsor Hisense, China’s largest TV manufacturer in terms of sales volume, fulfilled its promise to debut the world’s first 4K wide-angle laser cinema television in Paris, garnering a huge amount of attention.

Hisense Group global vice president Lin Lan giving a speech
Hisense Group global vice president Lin Lan giving a speech

LED backlight LCD televisions now dominate the market, with their larger, decidedly more expensive screens. 100-inch 4K LCD televisions are typically priced at US$90,000 per unit. The laser television launched by Hisense, achieving what the world hasn’t achieved with 217 patented technologies, outstanding optical engines, high-resolution lens and high-precision manufacturing processes, delivers lightness and color saturation achieving or surpassing those of LCD TVs. More shockingly, the Hisense television is priced at just over US$10,000 per unit, 1/10 the sales price of LCD TVs with same size screens. The 4K LCOS laser projector rolled out earlier by Japan-based Sony are priced at US$50,000 per unit.

Hisense Group global vice president Lin Lan said excitedly in a speech that “the ultimate goal of technologies is to recreate cost advantages.” Making it possible for every family to afford a home cinema is the company’s dream and strategy for Hisense to take a leading position among television makers. Once the dream is achieved, Hisense expects to become the undisputed leader in the world’s color TV market.

Let’s take a look at the high performance laser cinema television.

Bionic laser imaging

Restore the natural spectrum, infinite close to the human eye experience. Compare ordinary LCD TV, more than 16% colors.

Hisense Laser Cinema TV Vidaa Max 12

217 Patented Technologies, 9 years Development

Laser optical engine 100% independent development and design, 70% cost control in their own hands.


Integrated supplier, China, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Denmark.
The 210 core components of precision optics, 17 light lenses, 25 pieces of optical lenses.

 Small living room,  but the big theater

Projection ratio is 0.24, the most ultra short projection distance in the industry.

Hisense Laser Cinema TV Vidaa Max 5


Power consumption is about the same as the LCD TV 1/3.

Hisense Laser Cinema TV Vidaa Max 6

The Sound is Cool

5.1 audio + Dolby, personally on the scene. Bluetooth connection technology,  bid farewell to cable trouble.

Hisense Laser Cinema TV Vidaa Max 4

Host, screen and sound, three in one love feast

Sophisticated mainframe, one hundred inches large screen, top sound, so that large theater settled in the small living room.

Hisense Laser Cinema TV Vidaa Max 3

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