Dell S718QL, the First High Brightness 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Delay to Oct 23

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2017)

DELL recently launched its high-end 4K laser projector S718QL, support for native 4K resolution and HDR, which also claims to be the world’s first high brightness 4K ultra high definition ultra short focus laser projector. As plan it will comes out on July 19 and will run you $6000 when it hits. But now it lunched with more attractive discount price at, don’t lose the good chance.

Dell-S718QL-4K Laser TV 2

This high-end 4K UHD imaging laser projector can project from walls 4 feet distance to 100 inch screen, at a distance of 9 inches, it can create 130 inch (diagonal measurement) the maximum possible image. It is an amazing 4K Laser TV.  And gives the design of the equipment, even in a compact room can also use S718QL to give the audience a big space.

Dell-S718QL-4K Laser TV 3

The  4K Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160) projected by this projector provides 8.3 million pixel output in the 100/130 inch screen space. Yes, it is indeed a native 4K resolution product. That is to say, its direct competitors are products like SONY VPL-VW models, not those analog or interpolation 4K UHD projection models. According to the specifications of S718QL, we can see that its powerful laser light can produce up to 5000 lumens brightness, which is very good for HDR and can be seen in almost any environment. It supports up to 120 Hz refresh rates and has 100000:1 contrast in high contrast mode, while the typical contrast of 1300:1 is not so bad for projectors themselves. In fact, DELL is very confident that it will produce very high HDR contrast and brightness in this mode, and it can perform well even in bright space, which we will soon verify.

Separate the S718QL and other projectors of the most interesting features of the low maintenance of laser technology. Laser engine working time is 8 hours, the service life is 10 years, because there is no need to replace the bulb, so no additional huge cost (we all know, projection lamp casually to spend more than 100 dollars). Because it is a laser projector, which means that it should last longer than a typical bulb based projector, and at least a few years without the need to replace the bulb.

Dell-S718QL-4K Laser TV 1

This high-end DELL 4K laser projector designed for conference rooms, classrooms and almost any place with daylight conditions. Do not need a curtain. But we are sure that many people will love this device as a home theater system used in the living room.

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