BenQ Releases New Ultra Short throw Laser TV i950L/i955L, Created New Home Cinema Center

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2017)

Laser TV has been called the “fourth generation TV” by the television industry, and its emergence will bring about a revolution in the history of television. But what kind of laser TV is the product that meets the demand of the living room and the family cinema? With this thinking, more than 20 years in projection industry, BenQ, in April 26th officially launched its two ultra short throw laser TV, i950L and i955L. Their arrival will bring “Great Beauty Life” to home theater users!

benq laser projector i950L and i955L 1

For the Living Room, Deduction All-match Charm

Fashion design, beautiful outstanding. New Laser TV, pursuit of streamlined design, the host appearance is simple and clear, blue light strip design is like a dawn across the horizon, very eye-catching. Smooth lines and smooth edges fusion, exquisite production process for you to create cool super laser projection TV. And the use of black (i955L) white (i950L) two models, the integration of modern home atmosphere.

benq laser projector i950L and i955L 2

BenQ, i950L and i955L two ultra short throw laser TV, can be said to be tailored for the living room, home theater, space size is no longer a problem, a hundred inches large screen close at hand. And mainframe size, according to the standard TV cabinet size research and development on the market, only need to be placed on the TV cabinet can be used as a living room viewing era weathervane. Not only that, taking into account the use of different consumer demand, BenQ laser ultra cast TV screen size has also made new changes. With its anti light screen, it offers four choices, 80 inches, 90 inches, 100 inches and 120 inches. You can tailor them according to your actual needs.

True Color Picture, Health Protection

In order to further enhance the image brightness and color, BenQ i950L and i955L super laser projection TV using laser light resource. The laser has wide gamut color and strong performance, can be more than 83% of the nature color color see synthetic eye, makes the product display colors more eye-catching color, high brightness.  According to Helmholtz-Kohlrausch Effect, the effect of chroma can improve visual brightness. BenQ laser ultra cast TV, vivid colors and brighter picture gain each other, the effect is more beautiful. At the same time, in the color standard, i950L and i955L color inheritance Ming Master Series quasi true colors, adjusted according to generally accepted in the industry Rec.709 HD color standard, so that ordinary users to enjoy a more realistic color, and the original image experience.

In the brightness, i950L has 3200 lumens, i955L has up to 3300 lumens brightness, 100000:1 contrast, and equipped with professional Black Gate anti light screen, day or night, no need to deliberately create dark projection environment, wonderful show fresh color and sharp details. As a result of the use of a stable laser light source technology, that is, the service life of up to 20000 hours!

benq laser projector i950L and i955L 3

And because the screen reflects light, almost suitable for eyes, natural viewing mode, comfortable and natural to watch. In order to families with children, BenQ laser super TV also support automatic induction of sensor, when people close to the screen, the light will automatic lock to screen, protect the eyes.

benq laser projector i950L and i955L 4

Intimate Design, Easy Installation

It is worth mentioning that, BenQ increase intimate design for the two laser super TV . As the exclusive design tray fixed host, is not easy to move, especially for families with children users, have a fixed tray, will become more stable, solve brought by the mobile host TV picture distortion. There are electric focusing function, so that the screen adjustment more convenient.

benq laser projector i950L and i955L 5

In addition, BenQ has also added intimate services to its users. Such as free home installation (flexible screen, easy access to high-rise buildings, visual installation procedures so that the installation becomes faster), fast maintenance in the city . Especially in the installation services, less dust, no damage to the overall wall design. And engineers will follow the door installation, quickly teach users to use, so that everything becomes more convenient.

Home Entertainment Centre

In order to meet the diverse needs of consumers, BenQ super laser projection TV system with built-in Android massive celluloide. Once open, immediately become a family of network television, or turned private theater, game consoles and even family KTV. At the same time, built to integrate various resources, with more than 2000 film stock, film resource weekly update. Movies, television dramas, variety, also set up animation channel, hit resource!

benq laser projector i950L and i955L 6

BenQ super laser projection TV is also equipped with multiple interfaces, can connect the TV box, PS4 and other external devices, bring more rich experience for consumers, Hollywood movies, romantic movie and live football, shake the giant screen lets you hooked! At the same time, it also adds a common interface on the left of the human, which makes it more convenient for users to use.

benq laser projector i950L and i955L 7


The new ultra short throw laser projection TV is the result of BenQ in large screen display technology industry for many years. Launch with a number of practical professional optimization and innovation, to solve some problems in laser TV, truly think as users, do really  good products. I believe that with the launch of BenQ ultra short throw  laser TV, laser large screen TV will soon enter the ordinary family, but also bring new entertainment centers for the family, to achieve the “Great Beauty life”.

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